Who is Troy White?

Troy D. White

Troy D. White

Who in the heck is Troy White and why should you listen?

For over 25 years now, I’ve been in the wacky world of sales and marketing.  My experiences have ranged from door-to-door sales, to telemarketing, to pizza delivery, to high end million dollar computer server sales.  Varied… to say the least.

I’ve ran numerous businesses in that time – some highly successful (like my painting business I ran for 3 years to put myself through University).  Some – complete flops (like my luxury Cat Palace business… or my promotional blimp business… or my import/export business). Failure to me is an incredible learning model… and my brain is full of lessons learned.

But I’ve also been successful both in my own businesses, and am proud to have helped so many entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed in their sales and marketing. You can see some of my clients’ comments here.

I won the 2008 Business Leader of Tomorrow Award presented by Business in Calgary and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.  And I was also nominated for the 2009 and 2010 Calgary Business Oscars in 2 individual categories (only to be beaten by the $2.5 Billion dollar success story, WestJet Airlines)…another humbling experience.

My greatest pleasure in the business world is in doing what I do best: Turning Words Into Wealth.  

Meaning, I help passionate entrepreneurs find the right message, and match it with the perfect market to sell high volumes or premium products and services. Much of this shines through in the stories we create and share with the world.


Gene Simmons… the master marketer and brilliant business man. Incredible guy with some astounding business acumen!

Story telling in business is a very powerful marketing strategy that must NOT be skipped!

NOTHING feels better than putting together a marketing campaign and seeing $100,000 in sales in 7 days for a client.  Or helping them build a million dollar a year business from scratch – helping them live that lifestyle they’ve always known possible.

I’ve packaged some of my lessons and systems up into marketing training products you can get here.

Or, if you have specific questions – or want to discover how I can turn YOUR words into wealth, contact me through this form.

A couple personal things to warn you about first.

First, I have twin teenage daughters.  You’ll hear about them in my newsletters (like this one) – and may even see them on the videos they create or help me edit (they’ve become video marketing MASTERS!).  They are also – teenage – girls.  Which means I get all the drama I need or want at home.

Drama is not to be brought to me by clients! Any client drama quickly gets dealt with – I have no qualms about doing what needs to be done when business and drama meet.

Troy White - Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

My compulsion with Martial Arts!

Next, to deal with having twin daughters, I take my martial arts VERY seriously.  In order to battle the boys who think they can date my daughters, I’ve got a second degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do (which you can read about here – or here).  I train also in kickboxing, Muay Thai, and also dabble in boxing as well.

I do this to deal quickly and efficiently with teenage boys who want to date my teenage daughters – AND – to deal with clients who don’t get my point above when it comes to bringing drama into the work place 🙂

Kidding – kinda.

I am a proud parent and believe us entrepreneurs should do everything in our power to prepare our kids for the business world.  I also believe that talking about our family in our marketing is a VERY wise idea.

If you want to discuss how I can help you boost your business results – get in touch!

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WARNING: if you’re easily offended – probably not a good idea reading my newsletters. I talk about controversial subjects and am not scared of calling people (and dumb ideas) out.  

But, if you want practical and street smart marketing tips – then get your behind signed up and take notes with what I share!

Talk to you soon.


PS: I CANNOT forget to mention the mutt behind the mastermind…

Marketing assistant roving reporter

Casino, my marketing assistant and roving reporter

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