How she went from $1k a day to $6500 a day

Hackers smackers.

I sent you an email last week about my sites getting taken down by hackers.

It was not a joke, lie, or marketing ploy.

Scumbags took me down and I’m rebuilding.

But, it hasn’t put my core business on hold…

…helping others boost their business.

Like my one client that went from averaging $1000 days, to days of $5,000 and more (yesterday was $6,500).

Imagine that… more income in a day than she used to do in a week… and more in a day than many make in a month.

Not only that…

– zero computer skills

– minimal marketing skills

– good face-to-face sales skills – but next to no skills on the digital sales side


It starts with a P and it ends with a C…

…being P-R-O-L-I-F-I-C.

It’s the difference between having grandiose expectations of making millions with an email or funnel…

…and realizing the way to get to CONSISTENT sales records is through your ability to stay in front of your prospects, and keeping them engaged and eager for more.

In my client’s case, we are the #1 business of it’s kind in the market.

We have more clients active, and on recurring payments, than anyone else out there.

We do allll kinds of marketing: email, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, FB Ads, direct mail, seminars, unique bundles, themed promotions, etc.

Many of the competitors out there are suffering right now.  A few of them are upping their game as they know we are kicking their asses in marketing.

And they have no CLUE what we are about to launch!

I don’t feel sorry for them – because mastering your marketing, and building a cash flow machine can be done by anyone and everyone.

It takes the right message to the right market.

A great product or service to sell, that the market actually wants and needs.

AND the desire or ability to get prolific in your marketing.

You need your story out there (most hide their best stories, for some very odd reason).

You need to eliminate your emotions around the haters in the market (if you are doing marketing right, lots of people and competitors won’t like you – but the ones that matter WILL love you).

You need to talk to different buyers within your target buyers (telling a tailored story to each segment of your market).

One BIG benefit to the hacker smacker problem… long lost files were found!

So many great tools, resources, and trainings!

Basically, I found an entire library of blueprints a person can use to start, build, and monetize almost ANY business,

Which got me thinking… I’ve never released a Big Kahuna Bundle!

But these are so good, so profitable for those that implement them, that I cannot hold them back.

Have a look at a few of the audios I found and am offering you in the Big Kahuna Bundle:

– – – – – – – – – – –

Audio Trainings

– – – – – – – – – – –

* Joe Sugarman – the amazing Ad master behind Blu Blockers continuing success, and the Advertising Secrets books (pure gold)

* Ted Nicholas (4 hours with the 9 Billion Dollar man on sales, copywriting, success, and mindset)

* J Petermans Marketing Mastermind shares how J Peterman went from nothing to CATALOG CULT status!

* Travis Lee – The shock and awe power of 3 dimensional marketing

* Paul Vickers – How to create money-machines in one business and leverage it into another

* Doug White – Direct Mail Master behind some massive on and offline successes

* Brandon Roe and the power of leverage

* Marilyn Jennet and her formula for manifesting abundance in your life and business

* David Fowler on the untapped potential in your advertising online and offline

* Brian Bagnall – Facebook Ads Training and the start of your money funnel

* Craig Garber shares his King of Copy secrets for mastery of the written word

* Bob Burg shares 2 hours of his best secrets on referrals and spreading positive word of mouth

* Daniel Levis and his 5R formula (the same formula that saved one listener from bankruptcy)

* Ross Hancock and the secret of million dollar sales systems

* Troy White (that’s me!) on themed marketing mastery, customer stampedes, and wacky hooks that make you money

* Les Hewitt The Power of Focus 3 Hour Workshop (I paid Les $7500 to give this talk!)

* Lorrie Morgan Ferraro – The Red Hot Copywriting Master

* The McNally family and the massive success of their craft beer company

* Rory Fatt – prolific marketing in the least likely of places

* Sheila Musgrove standing out while starting your business up

* Stephanie Frank – the Accidental Millionaire

* Darren Weeks – Fast Tracking your Wealth

* Melanie Benson Strick and the Mindset creation of a Millionaire Entrepreneur


Load those up on your computer, phone, or iPod and you have success-on-demand!

Any time you’re out or have some time to invest in your success, pick out the subject you want to learn, and immerse yourself in their world and blueprints.

Not to mention some fantastic formulas and blueprints I thought were lost:

– – – – – – – – – – –

Info products

– – – – – – – – – – –

* Marketing ESP – The Formula for Cutting through the clutter and welcoming new buyers into your world

* Maximum Profits in Minimum Time Formula (the exact same formula that built an ex-clients business to 8 figures a year from near-bankruptcy)

* Small Display Ads v2.0 – Google Display Ads, Facebook Ads, bing, Native ads – all of these can do massive things for your business – here’s how to create the perfect display ad

* Turn Words Into Wealth Volumes 1 & 2 – Profit producing steps for starting your day

* The 31k Series – The simple way to create replicating sales teams that sell your products or services 24×7

* 56 Lessons learned from Jay Abraham – The master marketer that got 650 people to pay him $5,000 s head – here’s my top lessons learned (I was one of the 650)

* Creative Marketing Tips – bored yet? Here’s how to avoid the boredom syndrome which plagues the internet marketing world

* Newsletters and Handouts – STILL one of the most profitable ways to improve the value of a bundle, or to grab new eyeballs to your sales message – a powerful newsletter in print and digital!  Here’s the method to do it – and the audio of the live training

* Story Selling Tips – my flagship audio training program is still around – and included with the Big Kahuna Bundle

You combine the audio lessons and blueprints, with the guides and information mentoring you get in the products, and you have a comprehensive package to make you as prolific as you need to be to fatten your bank balance!

Buying all of this separately would be well over $1,000.

The audios alone above cost me thousands to put together (the Les Hewitt one was $7500 alone to hire him).

But, I’m so happy about finding all these long-lost gems, and I’ve never put together a Big Kahuna Bundle like this…

…so I’m going to do a pre-release for just $247. 

The price will be going up to $397 in a week (on March 8th).

Grab it now while the iron is hot and the information is willing, ready, and able to build your sales.

BIG KAHUNA BUNDLE DOWNLOADS: $247 ->  https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=Q876A6EFJHTXC

BIG KAHUNA BUNDLE DOWNLOADS AND MEMORY STICK SHIPPED TO YOU: $297 -> https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=AVVV7YKHTUGMJ

I know just a few of the tips I picked up from one of these audios just made me a few thousand extra – what will it do for YOU?

Have a great day!

Troy White

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