Are you a wave-watcher… or a wave-rider? Profitable tips from the inside

As you may know by now, my own aches and pains changed the direction my life and direction my business was taking last year.

Self induced pains from martial arts… combined with business pains I was weary of and looking for change.

…Everything came together December 15th 2017.

In 4 months, my world has turned upside down – and SO MUCH for the better.

Getting into the legal side of the Cannabis business (specifically in the world of Hemp based CBD products) was a HUGE change in direction for me.

The product worked WONDERS for me, dropping me from 8 advils a day to none – in just 4 days.

It was the ONLY thing that worked for my mom, who’s in her early 70s and has suffered from brutal sciatica pain for a decade.

Not many all-natural products work like that…

…and I knew I had to jump head first into this business.


So many exciting things happening on the marketing front of this massive wave of customer education and growth.

An entire industry is being created right before our eyes.

The legal CBD oil business ALONE will be a billion dollar industry in the next 12 months.

According to Forbes and Brightfield Research…

…the global Cannabis industry was estimated to be worth $7.7 billion in 2017, and will see a compound annual growth rate of 60 percent

…hitting $31.4 billion by 2021!

The most amazing part of this industry?

How receptive consumers are.

Most people have believed to nonsense the government and doctors have fed you for decades.

Just now, they are realizing there’s this thing called…


They can research the facts for themselves now!

They can see the amazing health benefits (without getting high) of these products.

They see they HAVE BEEN LIED TO for 60+ years by government, medical, and pharmaceutical.

They FINALLY understand a plant that’s been used as medicine, healing, and nutrition for THOUSANDS of years…

…has only been made “evil” in the last 60 or so years (so that other industries could thrive, while the all natural healing properties of these plants were key under wraps by the powers to be).

The people have spoken and this industry is going to skyrocket.

Which is a fantastic opportunity for marketers, go-getters, and people that just are sick and tired of their current way of earning an income.

Just saw this quote today, about this amazing business I’m now building:

“There are rare times in history when industries begin or change,
when thoughts and perceptions evolve rapidly, when once in a lifetime
opportunities present themselves. When social movements catch the wave,
when the majority becomes aware and accepting.

We are on the cusp of it right here, right now.

Do you stand on the beach or do you grab your surf board?”


Some tips I’ve learned here:

* If you’re a marketing student – you are WAY better off using your skills in a business OUTSIDE of the ‘guru’ business

* EVERYTHING you’ve learned about online marketing, story telling, copywriting, and lead generation… works EVEN BETTER when you get outside of the ‘guru’ space

* New industries are being born right in front of you – with FAR bigger potential than the ‘guru’ business so many aspire to

* Your current skills can see exponentially better results when you start using those skills in an industry or with a product you are passionate about

* When you step outside of the space you’ve gotten way too comfortable in, and see what’s working in other industries… you will experience an epiphany and realization that your skills in marketing (or desire to learn marketing and sales) can be exponentially grown when you shift industries

* The money in emerging industries can be significant… far more than what you will probably make in existing industries

* Stepping our of your comfort zone and stepping into a new industry is great for the motivation! And when you realize your existing skills work exponentially better in new industries… thats just an amazing bonus.

* When you find an industry that’s controversial – and is RAPIDLY growing – start poking around and seeing where you may fit – QUICKLY.

It’s a marketers panacea when you find it.

The growth I have seen in just 4 months here is unreal.

I am riding this wave all the way!

So, if you feel like you’ve been missing out on big opportunities… maybe now is the time to reach out and make a change.

Hit reply and let me know if you want to find out more on what I am doing…

…and what kind of opportunity there is for you here to play with us in this awesome business and industry.


Have a great day.


PS: You can also call me today too if you prefer phone – 1-800-959-8223 – or you can go here for an inside look at this amazing business

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