Updates on my Blackbelt Test and 4 profitable email ideas you can run…

After all that training… I was reduced to an apologetic infantile.

It happens.

Saturday, December 15th, was my Second Degree Black Belt test.

Troy White - Black Belt Tae Kwon Do

I was there with 12 others, who were testing for First Degree, and two testing for Third Degree.  5 hours we were there.

I passed.

But my-oh-my.

Totally screwed up one of my patterns at first.

This, is after doing that pattern a thousand fricking times before! Asked for a restart and nailed it then.

But… what the hell?

Broke the two bricks with my right hand easily (not nearly as bad as I was expecting). Successfully broke the board with my back spinning hook kick (my least favourite kick). Ended up on my ass as a result, but broke it.

One girl testing got herself totally worked up over the break.  She was under 16, so instead of bricks she broke 2 boards.  Tried to.  Couldn’t do the two – tried a couple times.  They took it down to one board, by this time she was starting to really hurt, and was getting quite scared.

She did it though.

Grandmaster Yu owns and runs the Dojang I train at.  He is a 9th Degree Black Belt, and a very well respected Grand Master in the Tae Kwon Do community (he was a referee in the 2000 Olympics for Tae Kwon Do).  His son, Master James Yu (5th degree), is my main trainer.

Why do I tell you this?

Because most people I know and talk to want more from life.

They want success in their relationships, in their health, and in their finances.

But few achieve what they want.

People wonder why success is so fleeting to them?

Because they quit and run away at the first little hiccup in the road.

I have seen sooooo many quitters come and go through my Tae Kwon Do school in the last 6.5 years. And most of the time I am training on my own in the day, or with a small group, so I don’t see a tiny fraction of the quitters that ‘attempt’ to be committed in the night classes.

Far too many quitters.

I am a persistent prick in so many ways.

Sometimes I walk away.

Depends what I am walking away from, and if that thing is helping or hurting me in my quest for success.

But I have learned to stick to your guns and do what YOU love to do.

Not what others tell you to ‘learn to love’.

Martial arts is one of those things I will love as long as my body allows me to keep doing them 🙂

Right now, I’m a weee bit over-trained with lots of sore and pulled muscles… a break is much needed over the Christmas Holidays.

It won’t stop me from going to class today, Monday the 17th, 2 days after my Second Degree test.

Time to start training for third!

They are closed from the 23rd till the 4th, I can rest then.

One other thing I noticed about the testing process and how it relates to success.

The follow through is IT.

Those who couldn’t break the boards (under 16 years of age) or the bricks (over 16)…

…didn’t follow through.

They saw hitting the top of the board as their goal.


The real goal is seeing your hand follow through the top of the board or brick, clean through to the other side.

For my first degree Black Belt, ONE brick seemed hard, but I did it.

For my second degree Black Belt, after 2 more years of training, breaking TWO bricks seemed MUCH EASIER than that one brick did.

I learned how to focus on the follow through.

And in marketing – ALL your big successes come from following through on leads.

Not one time.

Not three times.

A thousand times, if thats what it takes!

I have people who have been reading my newsletters for over 6 years who have never bought before… who just bought the 2013 Cash Flow Calendar.

6 years of consistent follow through and emails from me.

Finally… they see the value in what I am offering and they buy.

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Have a great Maple Syrup Day!



  1. Troy, congratulations of the 2nd Dan. It takes dedication and determination to achieve what you have done..

  2. Thanks Neil! I know that you as well are very dedicated to teh martial arts… kudos to you also. And Merry Christmas! Troy

  3. Corey Morrison says:

    Hey Troy,
    Congratulations! That spinning back hook kick does sound hard. I admire your determination.

  4. Thanks Corey. Appreciate the comment and look forward to chatting more with you.


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