Twins turning teens – yikes

I’ve been blogging for 8 years and writing my newsletter for 11 years now – wow!

In that time, I’ve shared the trials and tribulations of
raising twins – raising twin girls – and being a single parent
of twin girls.

You may even remember my marketing ‘makeover’ article if you’ve
been with me for some time – complete with photos of me in
makeup and hair barrettes after a fun filled day with
my daughters.

(your prayers for me gratefully accepted – kidding 🙂

They are fantastic kids and I wanted to share with you some
pics and an article about them (including the article I sent
to Jay Abraham 11 years ago about them – which he actually
distributed in his newsletter back then).




PS: If you want to give them a no-cost birthday present,
please pop on over to their youtube channel and view,
AND LIKE, some of their videos.

They have a blast making them (done well over 100 so far).
GREAT experience and practice for them… and we all know
videos, video editing, and driving traffic to video pages
is a GREAT SKILL for them to learn.

Help them out and like some videos – please!

Any dumb comments on their video pages and I will
personally hunt you down 😉

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