Turning 10 on 10/10/10

We were told Katrina wasn’t going to live.

It was 10/10/00 and we had been sent on a medical Lear jet to Vancouver 3 days prior.

Kari’s water broke at 31.5 weeks – a full 8 weeks early.

Due to lack of incubators in our province (over 190 of them were full in the province), we needed to get Kari and these unborn twin babies to a hospital… fast.

Thanks to a wonderful medical staff at the BC Women’s, they were able to give Kari a shot of hormones that helped develop the babies’ lungs at warp-speed.

BC Womens Hospital in Vancouver, BC - Incredible Medical Professionals

Very common with premature babies.

3 days later they decide it was time to come out screaming. And they haven’t stopped in 10 years.


They are the lights of my life.

My girls mean the world to me and I would do anything for them.

They are perfectly healthy 10 year old girls, that were born at 3 pounds each.
It was scary.

Heart-in-your-throat scary.

So, so, so tiny.

Katrina is on the left, Hailey on the right (the only way we could tell them apart at first was Hailey's shaved spot on her head - they had an iv in there for a couple days)

Amongst 100 other very tiny premies as well (many of them were much smaller, even down to half a pound in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in BC Womens.)

I learned a lot about faith, trust and love… with a huge heaping of kangaroo cuddles mixed in.

What’s a kangaroo cuddle?

When my girls were brand new out of the womb-mate stage, they were so fragile that Kari and I would cuddle them, skin-to-skin on our chests.

It is a proven medical marvel with premies and how kangaroos cuddles help them grow and develop faster.

It’s much about the body heat, and the heart beat.

They are side by side next to their womb-mate for 8 months, plus their mothers heart beat.

Then torn out of a nice warm home to a bright, sterile medical hospital with 13 medical staff on hand.

Kangaroo cuddles were awesome.

Kangaroo Cuddles

Feeling that delicate little person next to you for 30-60 minutes at a time was amazing.

They spent 3 more weeks in the Vancouver hospital and then came home for 2 more weeks in a Calgary hospital.

Once they were a whopping ~6 pounds each, time to go home!

Absolutely the best adventure of my life.

I love being a dad… and am good at it. I have my quirks, but I know my girls are being raised right.

Their favorite place to shop is not the toy store… it’s the book store.

And one of their favorite hobbies?

Writing, of course.

They each have their first ghost story written.

This Sunday is their birthday.

Their 10th.

That means they are officially turning 10 on 10/10/10 – the coolest birthday EVER.

Growing up way too fast for my liking (Hailey on left, Katrina on right)

I am sure they are destined for greatness, with a birthday like that.

We are having an Alice in wonderland Party for them, and I get to be the Mad Hatter :o)


Pictures will follow.

I hope you indulge me this week to share a personal story, rather than a business one.

I took your feedback on previous posts, and have just launched a new Story Selling program for business. If you love a good story, and want to start using more stories in your marketing, you may be interested in this.

Have a great weekend!


P.s. I got in trouble last night from Kari. She was out with the girls selling girl guide cookies and when they were asked the price they said “eight dollars for two boxes“. The lady asked about one box. Which they responded “no we are selling two boxes for eight”. After leaving, Kari questioned them, and Hailey said “Well, daddy told us to sell them two at a time, they sell faster!”

This looks like trouble...


  1. PRAISE GOD! What a beautiful story. I’m weeping. Love to you and your Mrs. and the kids. Keep selling cookies 2 boxes at a time for $8 and offer a bonus. Get 3 for $22.

    That way maybe they can sample them like the Sushi Shogun.

    Best regards,
    Steve Newdell http://www.bh2012.com

  2. Troy,

    Sean again. My daughter (also a 10/10/2000 baby) was selling coupon books for her school… lots of buy one get one to restaurants and such.

    So before I would take her out, I made her learn this: “Hi my name is Sydney. Would you like hundreds of dollars in coupons for only $10?”

    She sold every house on the street where someone was home.

    Have a great BIG weekend!

  3. “sell two at a time” – love it!

    In the grocery store in our neighborhood, they aaftem price things as “2 for $5.00”. For the longest time I would just buy 2 thinking it was a special deal. Then I read the small print and it said “$2.50 for 1”. Even I can do that math!


  4. Thanks for the comments guys. I love the ideas on upselling. Amazing how fast and naturally they took to the upsell idea. Hailey was sticking to her guns – we sell two at a time here :o)

    They will be entrepreneurs… I know it. They know it.

    Thanks again, Troy

  5. Compelling story Troy! And it hits close to home.

    My 3-lb, 30-weekers turn 27 in a couple of weeks. They came before Kangaroo Cuddles, but they weren’t quite as sick as your girls. They came through just fine.

    Someday we’ll compare stories.

    -Ed Estlow

  6. loved the story; got a lump in my throat; you’re a lucky man;
    enjoy the birthdays…..

  7. Great story there Troy and I loved the marketing related P.S. too – thanks much for sharing that!

    I hope you and your girls have a great Birthday weekend and wish you all much happiness in the future.



  8. Hello from Montana,

    Aren’t little girls special to their daddy. I am an author and keynote speaker on family connections. It is important for young girls to be told by the important male in their lives that they are beautiful and smart. If they do not hear that from a father or grandfather or other male mentor, they will never truly believe it from anyone else.

    You are doing the most important work in the world. Thank you.
    Judy Helm Wright,

  9. Thanks for sharing both the story and the pictures. You’re girls were so tiny! And you look so happy as the proud new papa, all worries notwithstanding. Clearly you’ve raised some super smart girls!

    Your PS is such a terrific lesson to all entrepreneurs too. I’ve been recommending all my clients who normally sell their coaching or consulting by the hour create multi-hour packages instead. It’s easier for your clients to buy what you’re selling that way, and you sell more with less effort.

    I’m looking forward to supporting you in your Story Selling program. It’s gonna rock for sure!!


    Stacy Karacostas
    Practical Marketing Expert & Business Lifestyle Architect

  10. I love this stroy! thank you for sharing this!


  11. Love your P.s. perhaps because the value of what you’re doing is incalculable. I know because my father was the opposite. You see, he never gave me advice, and spoke to me only out of necessity. But he did something very effectively – every day of my life he made me feel like I was a heavy burden for him. The result? I’m 54 y/o with a bright mind, but haven’t been able to get out of the hole I’ve been in all my life. Your girls don’t know that they won THE FATHER LOTTERY. But some day they’ll have that WOW moment, after they develop into well adjusted humans living full and happy lives. I wonder what that feels like …

  12. Kids are very resilient, it always amazes me. After what happened in Conneticut as parents, we all want to cherish our children. I have a Son who was born with a severe back deformity and he has had over 25 operations in San Antonio Texas, that cost in the 7 million dollar mark. These were life saving surgeries he would have been dead by the age of 6, thank god for the country and province we live in! The Drs, nurses, teachers, and health care workers are truly the heroes. This Christmas season once again we are reminded of what it is to be blessed and to cherish every moment with our family and friends.

  13. Thanks for your comments Belinda. I learn so much from just watching my kids as they grow. The challenges they face – and how they deal with them. Your son sounds like a real trooper – 25 operations is not for the faint of heart or soul! These shootings are devastating and my thoughts go out to all impacted directly, or indirectly, from this travesty. Just yet another reminder to squeeze and hug our loved ones even more. Great to hear from you. Troy

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