Time Tested Tips for Mastering Your Writing

Finding your voice is something that takes time. It isn’t natural to most people (myself included, I eeked out a sub-par passing grade in English both in High School and University – had to take the Writing class twice to get my grades up)

It really comes down to writing every single day.

While you don’t have to post a new blog every day, you do need to write something. Writing every day helps you develop a more natural rhythm to your writing.

The problem with having “rules” for writing is that none of them apply to everyone. One rule that works for me – may not work for you. And something that works for you – may not work for me.

Some writing ‘rules’ that I like and use, try them out and see how they feel:

* Schedule your writing time like you would schedule any profit producing activity

* Schedule in 1-2 hour blocks (and use the Eugene Schwartz technique and write for 33 minutes, 33 seconds – take a 5 min break – then wrote for another 33:33)

* Write during dead time

* Write during busy times

* Use Evernote to track all your writing and keep it organized

* Get used to the fact that your writing is worth money… the more you write, the more you can market, the more you can make

* Write when you are excited

* Write when you are in a funk

* Learn to think in stories – find something every day that happened to you – something you could build into a story – stories are proven to FAR outperform fact based marketing messages… use this fact to your advantage

* Find industry news, trends, or media mentions that you can use in your writing – store them in Evernote for future reference.

* Write even more

* Write stories about your family, your friends, your business associates.

* Write advertisements that tell a story about your business beginnings and the lessons you have learned

* Write stories about your best customers

* Write stories about your pets

…the key is to write.

It isn’t magic.

But it is profitable.

Try it for a week or two and see you you feel.

I dare you!

Every. Single. Day.

Then let me know how you feel.


  1. Thanks for these great tips and all the other information you have provided us over the years.

  2. My pleasure Dart. Thanks for the feedback and I will make sure more valuable tips come your way. Troy

  3. Thank you Troy. These are great points.
    It’s easy to see why Clayton selected you as contributor to The Total Package.

  4. Andy Thompson says:

    So what I’m hearing is, the key to improving (becoming a prolific writer) is to write, write, write and write some more 😉

    I am getting a lot out of the rote exercises you suggested as well as “The War of Art” book recommendation.

    …And thank you for turning me on to Evernote… It’s changing my life.

  5. Nice advice Troy. It actually works! And the writing gets easier the more I do. I think I am finding my written “voice”…I am find it is a rather off-beat , observational humor style (sort of Seinfeldesque”). It seems I am most comfortable with that.

    I’m not sure if I should be trying on different “voices” at this stage? since my “seinfeld-voice” may not work everywhere…he’s not everyone’s cup-of-tea. Or just keep writing…


  6. Great comments and questions.

    That’s the funny thing about getting better at writing… or anything.

    …you have to practice.


    Especially if you want to become great at it. I used to track my hours invested in writing. Every hour invested in writing got a check mark on my 1,000 square sheet. The first sheet took what seemed like forever. The next 1,000 easier – and faster. The next 1,00 even easier and faster.

    Write LOTS and you will reap the rewards.

    Despite all the nonsense being spouted online, there is no magic fomula for success.

    Well.. one… practice… lots of it.

    Now get back to writing!

    And Bill – you nailed something there – the easiest way to find your true “personality in print” is to try out different personalities. If that is your Seinfeld voice – try it out for a while and see how it fits. Practicing in another persona is a GREAT way to get better faster. That’s why we are trying different things in the Story Selling program. The more you write about all kinds of different things, the easier it is to find your personality.


  7. Thanks Troy – been following you now for a number of years (Gee must be 6 years – I think I remember you writing about the girls when they were 4) and you are the one guy out there who continues to give down to earth, no BS advice which I always value. I wish you were in the same town it would be good to have a beer with you! You are spot on as usual about writing every day – the key is to develop the discipline & I know like you say the more I write the better I do in everything. Best wishes and thanks mate. Cheers

  8. Thanks Alistair. Both for sticking in there with me… and for the kind words. I have been writing my newsletter now for almost – yikes – 9 years! Time flies.

    But I love it.

    And I am glad I didn’t go down the dark path many others have and given nonsense content with zero value – just pitches. Too much of that out there. I like sharing proven techniques that me and my clients are using in the ‘real world’ – not the fantasy world many of the hype-masters live in.

    Keep on plugging! Troy

  9. Hi Troy – great insights in all ways))smiles … Especially likethe one >>> writing about your awesome customers (I embellish) … will start doing so!!! Be well.


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