The sad truth about marketing

You know it as well as I do…

…we both wish there WAS some kind of magic button we could push and your business would triple in profitability and your workload be cut in half.

After all, it seems to be promised in all the emails popping up these days.

Just the other day an email came up saying I could OWN Googles top search engine spot with a $27 software tool… sweeeeet!

But then I woke up from the spam nightmare and realized that there is no such thing… anyone claiming to have a ‘magic solution’ it is full of bull.

Those of us who love to stay in reality know that growing a business is something that demands your constant attention…

…if you aren’t paying attention to it… your competitors will with their own.

I LOVE OFFLINE MARKETING, as you may know.

I think it is an incredible opportunity for astute entrepreneurs who understand the importance of leveraging one media off another.

Like using online marketing to generate real physical addresses for yoru prospects and clients.

Or using offline marketing to generate leads online, or to drive them to specific pages on your site.

One client of mine is LOVING what we do with Google Adwords these days… and we have taken our print ad budget – turned it into a Google budget, and used the leftover dollars to send print newsletters to those on our database (prospects and clients).

The best part?

We eliminated his print ads in favor of Google as we are driving FAR more highly targeted leads on Google every month for the same amount as a single ad in a top magazine. Thousands of targeted buyers coming to our site for the same price as a single ad!

But… did you note we didn’t QUIT using print?

We actually ramped it up – in different areas.

And it is kicking some serious patooty!

Which is why you MUST be on the call with Dan Lok.

Dan has taken his offline marketing tools, applied them online, and figured out some stellar ways to grow sales quickly, in any online or offline business.

For example… salons.

Dan is a master at using his online marketing skills to grow brick and mortar businesses.

Dan is a master at using his offline marketing skills to make his online businesses THRIVE.

And he is sharing all in this one-time, never-to-be-repeated webinar.

Don’t miss this one:

Date: Thursday, September 8, 2011
Time: 5 p.m. Pacific. (6pm Mtn. 8 pm EST).

Here’s a short-list of what will be covered on this 75-90 minute

* The fastest, simplest way to start making money on the
Internet. Period.

* How to create a business that makes money for you 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

* How to ‘fire your employer’! No more clocking in or out and no
limit to the amount of income you can rake in.

* An amazingly simple strategy to make money without having your
own ‘list’ of customers or prospects

* How to stop trading time for money and start earning a 6-figure
‘Passive’ income within 12 months.

* 2 big mistakes many new Internet Marketers make that you must
to avoid at all costs. (Hint: Making these 2 mistakes can waste
thousands of dollars and years of your time!)

Be on this call for 90 minutes worth of practical information that any and every business owner should be using in today’s marketing quagmire.

It won’t be repeated.

See you Thur night.


PS: Quick, bolt on over to and get yourself signed up!

Date: Thursday, September 8, 2011
Time: 5 p.m. Pacific. (6pm Mtn. 8 pm EST).


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