The real reason that Apple is taking over the world

We all lost a great visionary and leader yesterday, Mr Steve Jobs. He lost his battle with Cancer, but he has won the minds, the devotion, and the wallets of millions of people around the world.

I too recently converted my main system to an iMac, after being a devoted and hardcore iPhone, iPad, and iPod user.

I get it.

I have used their personal One-to-One service… it ROCKS.

I have called their support line… never seen or experienced anything as proficient and friendly as that.

I am a fan.

And I love watching all the non-fans bashing Apple every chance they get.

Jealousy shines through.

Apple is on a roll and there is no chance I see of it slowing down.

Even this week’s iPhone announcement.

EVERYONE thought an iPhone 5 was coming… me too.

So everyone cried the blues when it was JUST a 4S out.


So what?

Its faster…better graphics…better camera…beter o/s…better speech recognition…and Siri.

My iPhone 3G has had a smashed screen since the summer, and I will be buying my new phone on Friday.

It is a great phone… who cares if the actual case isn’t different – that’s what the iPhone 5 was all about…right?

There are so many lesson in watching Apple grow and market themselves. Many of the Apple Success Secrets, I posted in this article.

But here are some other thoughts I posted on my examiner.com blog…

Not only do they have some of the slickest products in the marketplace today, Apple has by far the best customer care.

Take the new iPhone 4S, or the iPad 2, or the wonderfully elegant and powerful iMac 27″ system. Each and every one of them is well-designed, beautifully manufactured, with a solid and robust system for installing and upgrading apps.

Have a problem with one or more of them? Visit your local Apple store and get an immediate appointment with one of their technicians or one-to-one trainers. It is seamless and they know what they are doing…problems solved in no time.

If you are stuck at home or at the office…pick up the phone and call Apple Care. Within 5-10 minutes you are not only looked after, you have your answer, you have a friendly person to talk to, and they have updated their files so you never again have to explain who you are or what your history is with Apple.

Last, they are a MASTER at launching (and not telling in advance) new products. They have built such a devoted client base that grows by the minute, and eagerly awaits the next opportunity to pull out that credit card and charge up another $500 or $1,000.

Look at the latest iPhone 5 launch. Even up until the minute they announced the new product, no one really had a clue what they were launching. Apple woulddn’t tell… maybe some false rumours spread around to stir up the pot a bit…. but no real hard data showing exactly what was about to be released. Apple fans were foaming at the mouth in anticipation of the newest and greatest launch… and they weren’t disappointed.

Dare I say, unless the big computer companies of the world get it together, Apple will soon be converting ever one of them over to their world. Unless HP gets its act together and brings out something new and innovative. Unless Microsoft starts making their operating system easier to use, upgrade, and keep secure. Unless RIM pulls one out of the hat and delivers a wickedly innovative new Blackberry. Unless someone, anyone, steps up and shows that they are just as innovative as Apple is being…

…Apple will rule the computer world and the pc/android crowd will be crying in their parent’s basement.

Someone, anyone, please give Apple a run for their money here and show some form of initiative and creativity!

If you don’t…you will disappear.


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