The P.I.N.S. Formula for Profitable Marketing

Long time no speak!

Been a wee bit crazy here.

Busy with client work, a new launch coming, and my preparations to compete in Kickboxing at WKU Worlds at the end of September.

All of this means some great stuff coming your way and some sharing of success strategies working out in the field (and in the kickboxing ring too – which applies just as much to success in business as it does to success in competition).

In today’s economy, you have a big job ahead of you to cut through the clutter and create massive momentum in your marketing and advertising.

To top it off, creating and writing your own marketing campaigns can be a daunting task, with lots of varying opinions, formulas, magic pills and solutions to confuse matters even more.

The P.I.N.S. formula is one I have used for years to help my small business clients cut through the clutter and launch new products and services into already saturated markets.

It’s simple.
It’s proven.

And it will make your marketing much easier. As you go through this formula, make careful notes about how your products or services fit into the model, and keep those notes for the actual ad writing phase.

P – Pledge allegiance to your buyers.

What it is that you are promising to your prospective buyer or prospect in exchange for their money? This may be information, salvation, bragging rights, new and improved tools to make their life easier, answers to their deepest problems, or any one of the hundreds of possible promises you could make to them.

Right up front and center you need to show them that you have something THEY are interested in. If your advertising or marketing is not targeted at the right person, the rest of the ad is useless.

So your advertisement needs to call out to them and say “HEY! Darren Weens, this is for you. I know something about you that we need to talk about….”

If I am Darren Weens, you now have my attention. And if the rest of the marketing piece delivers on the promise, you have my undivided attention… for now.

So write out every little detail that you promise to deliver to them, and make sure they understand it in clear language that doesn’t hype things up.
I – Imagine what life will be life when you _________.

The only chance you have of closing the sale is to show them exactly what they will get from you when they buy.

That means you have to show the all the intricate details of what makes you the right one to understand their needs. That means you have to show them exactly what makes your product or service bundle superior to the others out there. The end result you want to leave your buyers with.

Compelling images, descriptive passages, and the emotionally charged details you hope to use.


N – No Risk.

Take all the risk off your buyers shoulders, and show them that you are the one taking the risk.

The buying game has changed… and if you don’t step up to the plate now, your competition will. No matter what you sell, there is always something you can guarantee.

Even if you are in a service business that can’t guarantee the results of the service (think private Doctors, or similar types of services), they could guarantee something their clients would like.

In this case, the doctor could guarantee a 10 minute wait guarantee. If you wait more than 10 minutes from your scheduled appointment time, you get ____ for free, or $XX off your bill.

That is something people respond to because no one else is doing it! This is also where you need to use testimonials and case studies, which add even more proof elements to your claims.
S – Sell the offer in professional manner… and do it now.

One of the worst mistakes people make in their advertising and marketing is to wimp out without asking for the sale. Ask them to order now. Tell them exactly what to do in your materials.

For example, here is a close from a letter I wrote that worked exceptionally well to the market he sold to. Always remember, the wording in your copy must match the wording your clients use.

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NOTE: A side tip that always worked for me.

When you are going through the PINS formula and are preparing to apply it to your copy, have a stack of 3 x 5 index cards nearby. They may be old tech, but they work better than anything else I have ever used. Write out 5 ideas for P, then 5 for I, and so on. Get down as much as you can, but use 5 as your minimum for each of the 4 steps.

Once you have them all filled out, shuffle through those cards, mix them up, read them one by one, and you will start to get ideas popping into your head for the copy you are about to write.

I find that the ideas I get while flipping through those cards usually turn out to be my best headlines, selling angles or script ideas. And no, it doesn’t work the same without 3×5 cards. I’ve tried.

Something about those little cards that makes this technique work so well. So just try it… and see for yourself.

And then let me know your results.


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