The marketing secret of the red lanyard…

Is it possible that an itty bitty strip of cotton dyed red could contain a marketing secret?

Watch this and let me know…

If you have other questions about the red lanyard or Empower Network, make sure you read this post as well.

And then, get started with me in this fun and profitable adventure!

It’s $25… you can’t go to a movie for two with popcorn for that… not in Calgary where I live anyhow (it costs me $60-$75 for me to take my daughters to a movie, with popcorn and pop!)

Have a great day and I hope you decide to work with me on the Empower Network as a fellow marketing beach bum!



  1. Hi Troy

    I’m in! sounds like a great program. I guess I go to to join?


    PS San Diego sure looked nice in the backdrop

  2. Hey Bill. It truly is exceptional.

    You know I would never endorse something like this unless it has something special to offer.

    The $25 gets you inside the system – the basic training and blog platform begins there. The more advanced training programs you can learn more about there too.

    It comes down to this…

    To make any money online you need 2 things: a sales funnel and traffic to drive to that sales funnel.

    This has an exceptional sales funnel that just needs traffic. So not only do you learn what a good sales funnel looks like and how it works, you can get training on how to drive all the traffic to your funnel to monetize it.

    No matter what type of product or service you have – the same training applies to generate traffic.

    The nice thing with this system is that the training is exceptional and all under one roof.

    You can stsart with the basics and upgrade your training as needed. You can also make money while you are learning which is also very nice about this.

    Let me know if you have questions.

    You can sign up through this link – it sends you to the right spot to join me in this.

    Thanks for trusting in me with this Bill – I promise it is exceptional.


  3. Thanks Troy I am in and it has created 3 new leads already!

  4. Awesome Dart! Considering that was last night you joined… I’d say that is solid proof this system will work! Looking forward to talking with you about this so we can ramp it up even faster for you. Troy

  5. does this lead to something more than “making money online showing others how to make money online”? To me, that just seems like a big Ponzi scheme and has REALLY turned me off the Internet marketing scene. I’m obviously one of the subscribers in your database and have purchased from you in the past – products that helped me market my existing bricks & mortar business.

    I’m not disputing there is money to be made teaching others how to make money online, clearly a lot of that is going on, but it just isn’t something that interests me. Is there anything more you can elaborate on for this program, or is this something that just isn’t going to be up my alley?

  6. Hey Greg. I think what some people miss here that I need to be more clear on is this… Empower has some of the best training I have seen under one roof for marketing a business online.

    You do not need to promote Empower to get the training – it just begins with the blog platform and then there are upgrades for the different training packages.

    Ponzi scheme is a little strong for this Greg.

    The only way someone makes a return here – being right honest and upfront here – is to do the training and follow the actions you need to take to promote your business online. That business can be an existing business you already have, or you can use the Empower business to promote and create revenue with. There is zero said anywhere that it is mandatory to promote Empower.

    Use the training for YOUR business – YOUR website – YOUR main source of revenue.

    Don’t promote Empower at all if you don’t want to.

    Don’t teach anyone else how to make money online – just use the information for your own good.

    I have spent a small fortune in training over the past 10 years on my own. What always pissed me off was that there was nothing good I found to cover most of the bases with one training platform. So one day you are buying product launch packages. Then wordpress stuff from another ‘guru’. Then a copywriting course from another. Then you try and piece it all together on your own and none of it make sense. This is all under one platform and has a consistent message.

    Yes, you need to upgrade to get the advanced training modules.

    Yes, they are information products in digital form (no different than Amazons Kindle – digital products – nothing physical exchanges hands).

    No – this is not get rich quick.

    YOU have to do the work. Whether you are promoting your main Environmental business Greg or whatever – you have to do the work.

    I get the skepticism. I was no different in November last year when I first saw this launched.

    But I started to see that it was the training in the back end that made sense.

    It definitely isn’t for everyone – but I do like it and was very impressed with what I see now.

    Great question – let me know if you have more.


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