“The Italian Feast . . . and YOU”

My business partner for Entrepreneur MoJo, Trevor ‘Toecracker’ Crook, wrote this article today.

Its important you read it for a couple reasons:

1) To watch how he writes such powerful and decriptive copy.  Find ways to become much more detailed with the copy you use in yoru business.

2) To learn more about Entrepreneur MoJo and how alot of people get wrapped up inside information overwhelm, and the way out of the problem.

If you know anything about Italians they know how to cook great pasta, pizzas plus they also know how to have a feast at lunch and dinner.

A couple of years ago, I went to stay with friends in Italy for a few months. I arrived on a Friday and what happened over the weekend will forever stay in my mind.

On the Saturday night, we jumped in Pietro’s car with his family and drove the short distance to his brother’s house.

All of the family were there, the brothers, their wives, Nonna, Nonno, all of the kids and grandkids plus my mate’s daughter invited 4 of her friends.

When I walked into dining room, there was a huge table, which seated 20 people plus there was a smaller one for the kids.

When it was time to eat, the table was loaded with delicious italian food. Various pastas, anti-pastas, breads, cheeses, as well as fried rice, spicy chicken and an array of asian cuisine plus more vino then you could ever imagine.

The boys are married to fillipinos and the 3 ladies always have an infusion of Asian and Italian when it’s their night to prepare the feast.

To eat there . . . which, from your first mouthful until your last . . . your tastebuds dance the tango across your tongue as you savor every scrumptious morsel.

Now, I have had Italian friends all of my life but there’s just something extra special about the way  they do things in Italy . . . from food to family.

There were so many different types of dishes to choose from, I didn’t know what to put on my plate first.

I mean they all looked so blo~ody good!

I decided to sample them all, taking a small portion and then went back for seconds on the foods which really did a job on my taste buds.

When I stuffed the last mouthful into my already full belly, the ladies went and got a truckload of desserts to go with the coffee they were brewing.

I was very full but had to try a couple of pastries with my coffee.

My mate looked at me, started to laugh and said, this all starts again Sunday lunch time and ends about 10pm Sunday night, back at his house.

Crikey I said to him.

When I woke up on Sunday morning, I said no to breakfast because I was still stuffed from the night before and the Sunday feast was going to start in a few hours.

I was called down for lunch, the smell was amazing and reminded me of when I was a little boy in Australia and Nonna would make pasta. It had been 33 years since that aroma and I suddenly felt ravenous.

The first mouthful truly was an experience and over the next 10 hours, we ate, drank vino, played with the kids, told stories, played darts, cards and other games.

That first weekend in Italy, from the food and family values will always be a fond part of my life. It  happened every weekend, just like that and for any special occasions.

My favorite meal was when Nonna made lasagna from scratch which she started preparing the real meat sauce 4 days earlier. No minced meat here. To this day, it’s been the best meal I have ever eaten.

She rarely makes it these days because her family loves it so much and it’s devoured so quickly – it basically vanishes.


Okay You Say, What’s This Got To Do With YOU?



Because just like the HUGE selection at every Italian feast on the weekends, as an entrepreneur, there’s a HUGE selection of entrepreneurial tools which you  need to achieve amazing success which can also be a HUGE problem for you.

Being . . .

Which tools, tips, strategies and materials do you choose first . . . Yes, it can be overwhelming to  the point just like one Mojo member experienced when she read what Troy and I had to offer as part of our Entrepreneur Mojo Family.


My challenge with products and services such as yours (very unlike my own) is that they give me TOO much information, and too many options, and all that I really want, at the beginning, middle and end of my day, is a simple plan of proven techniques, that will provide consistent outcomes.

I have enjoyed your emails, but when I went to your offer page, I was instantly overwhelmed with all the ‘stuff’, and I thought, ‘This is a wonderful haystack, filled with all kinds of great ideas, but all I want, . . . is the needle”.


You Get The Needle Which Gives YOU Consistent Outcomes


It may seem to you, just like for her, there was way too much stuff, just like trying to eat an elephant which seemed all too hard, so you decided not to do anything.

How do you eat an elephant?


One bite at a time.

Now, deep inside the online community, as a mojo member, you will find the answers you need as well as what other entrepreneurs need.

Just like the Italian feast, you simply decide which ones are best for you which could be different from the next person. No need to look in the needle in the entrepreneur haystack, just grab your needle!

If there was just one technique which worked, that’d be great. The truth is, there’s so many and the way we have set up the entrepreneur mojo family . . .  it’s a true entrepreneur’s feast – a feast we would like you dine on as well as join our family.

Troy and I give you 2 options. Troy created a short video to explain why there’s so much pure content for you when you decide to join us.

Your Entrepreneur’s Feast:

Personally, we make no apologies for wanting to over deliver to you from the very second you say ‘maybe’.

It’s a pity in a world full of greedy, snake oil selling scumbags flogging their magic ‘potions’ to create mulah out of thin air . . . that when 2 people bend over backwards to give their all to serious entrepreneurs, it appears some people would prefer to be taken for a ride.

Go figure.

Serious, smart entrepreneurs have already joined us.

How about you?

Dedicated to Kicking Your A~ss Until YOu Succeed.


Trevor ‘ToeCracker’ Crook

PS. For any mojo family who likes Italian food and if  I am ever in your town, I will even try and make the time to cook you one of my mouth watering pasta dishes. . . where I make the sauce from scratch.

My room mate has been to Italy and a darn great cook and she thought she was back in Italy the first time she experienced my lobster pasta. Watch the video and take 10 minutes to really look at what you will get.

Your Entrepreneur’s Feast

PPS. All you have to do is say maybe . . . become part of our mojo family for 1 month, if you think we suck, then divorce us quicker than it takes to get married in Vegas and never be bi~lled again.

Fair enough?

Your Entrepreneur’s Feast