The final piece to the B2B puzzle (that layers on top of LinkedIn)

You’ve seen me hinting at some significant changes in my business model.

I haven’t given the details – the niche – or what exactly it is.

For good reason.


Because modelling what I am doing in the exact same niche is a BAD idea…

…but modelling what I am doing in a niche YOU WANT is a GREAT idea.

Today we held a webinar with Alex showing you how to find, target, segment, and sell to high value B2B leads.

He showed how entrepreneurs were turning $5k business startups into $150MM using the power of LinkedIn.

He showed the 3 step process to turn any LinkedIn profile into a lead machine.

  ** But what if you don’t know who to sell to, or what to sell? **

What if you sell a product or service – but want bigger sales, better clients, and more equity and revenues from the people you work with?

What to do?

Next week, I am revealing the final piece of the puzzle.

This next webinar will show you what I am doing (not to who – but what it is and how you can do the same with YOUR area of interest).

This is another free training program, hosted by a multi-millionaire associate of mine, Dan Lok.

It has nothing to do with information marketing, coaching, marketing services, or copywriting.

But… if you do ANY of those – this is the ULTIMATE game-changer for you.

It gives you a way to exponentially grow your existing business – and shows you how to tap into some very profitable strategies I GUARANTEE you aren’t using right now.

Dan is a multi-millionaire entrepreneur and one of the VERY few “experts” who actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable brands and online businesses. His group of companies generate $10 million+ in sales annually.

One of Dan’s companies won the prestige Canada Post Online Retailer of the Year Award. In fact, if you Google “Dan Lok”, you’ll see his name is all over 1,000,000 web pages! (ONE MILLION)

That should tell you something.

As an “extended hobby”, Dan shared with me how he made $2.7 million dollars in the last 3 years as a part-time business consultant, working with only 7 dream clients… … while taking a minimum of 8 weeks of vacation a year, traveling the world with his wife Jennie, and meeting amazing people. Dan’s technique for finding “equity-rich” businesses to work with and own is unusual, unique, and very simple (the same strategy I have alluded to in my own portfolio).

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking your expertise, knowledge and experience you have now and turn it into a predictable and consistent revenue source, this masterclass is for you. There’s no charge for this. >>>

You can claim your spot at the masterclass here https://www.thebusinessblueprint.com

The details for the call are on the page – I highly recommend you get signed up and joined Dan and I on the call.

THIS is what I’m doing – THIS is what I recommend YOU do.

We’re going to talk about WHY this is the perfect time for this, and WHY there are so many ‘eager-and-waiting’ entrepreneurs out there looking for you to approach them with this strategy.

No bull. No hype.

This is what other business owners want from you – and THIS is how you build a business that makes real money, without all the stupid stuff you see in the internet marketing world (which is typically over-hyped, and under-delivered on).

Join us (I’ll also explain how and why Gene Simmons uses this exact same strategy in his own business portfolio!).

Sign up here for this no charge class https://www.thebusinessblueprint.com


The final piece in the puzzle... next week

The final piece in the puzzle… next week

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