Here are some testimonials from my clients…

“We have been working with Troy White for the past couple of years and he has always delivered.

Everything from a competitive quote upfront, to the on-time delivery of high quality materials.

Troy has a brilliant gift of capturing the essence of the message and intention we are communicating and he draws upon his years of experience and high level training to elevate all the projects he works on.

I am actually a bit hesitant to provide this testimonial, in fear that he might get too busy… bottom line if you hire Troy White for your next project you will not be disappointed.

Russell Westcott
Real Estate Investment Network (REIN)


“The Cash Flow Calendar program helped us make an easy $1268.20 on St. Patrick’s Day for one of our businesses,”

“…and a $45,000 windfall in another. This is the perfect solution for companies who want money-making promotions done for them. My highest recommendation!”

Kimberly Schick-Puddicombe

“Your current email on ‘The Most Powerful Lead Generation Tool in 16 Easy Steps…’ was a stand-out.”

“This deserves a big ‘Thanks!’ One of the best ‘strategies’ I’ve opened yet and totally unexpected. A beginning, a middle, actions to take, and an end–all without smarmy secrets or ‘hitches’ involved.


Jennifer Rotman

“… as a novice copywriter, I’d like to thank you for some of the excellent stuff I’ve gotten from you.”

“There are certainly a lot of duds out there (all of which I’ve had to grit my teeth and plough through) but you are certainly not among them. Thank you again.”

Peter Maughan

“I meet with many people in my work. So many in fact, that I tend not to remember them. Troy is the exception.”

“I gravitate towards passion and integrity. Troy exudes both in great portion. His demeanor is the utmost professional. Troy has a penchant for uncommonly good things. Recommend? Of course!”

Jonathan Sexton
Former Marketing Gladiator for The J Peterman Company
(as seen on “Seinfeld Show” and from the book J Peterman Rides Again)

“I’ve tried a lot of ideas that haven’t worked”

“…and learned the only way to grow a business is by applying all the concepts you’ve shared with your subscribers.

Thanks again Troy, I truly have a debt to pay you.”

James MacGillivray

“I admire you over all others in Makepeace’s Total Package.

“No other contributor adds as much creative and actionable advice as you do for the small biz marketer. Thanks for all you do!”

Eric Tve

“…grew from $2300 per month to over $96,000 per month”

“Troy, I cannot thank you enough for the 2007 Wild West Millionaire Summit you put on. My membership business grew from $2300 per month to over $96,000 per month and still growing at a ridiculous rate… all from your marketing calendar, copy writing and you helping me tell my story with the world. I have gone from a College Student to a Millionaire in under 3 years with my Dream Home on the water being built as we speak… My wife and new born daughter thank you even more!.. lol

I think your event, your information, your personality is incredible!”

Chris Vermeulen
Founder, TheTechnicalTraders.com

It is my pleasure to recommend Troy White. We hired Troy to provide copywriting and marketing expertise for our best seller launch.

From the beginning, Troy was 100% invested in our project. His expert guidance and copywriting was crucial component in the success of our campaign- we got best seller status on Amazon Canada and US! He has integrity, is very innovative, and an extremely talented writer.

We look forward to working with Troy on our future projects and will recommend him to our business clients and colleagues.

Charmaine Hammond, Hammond International Inc. and best selling author of On Toby’s Terms.”

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Charmaine Hammond,Hammond Business Group
Best Selling Author of On Toby’s Terms
hired Troy as a Writer/Editor in 2011

“Troy White DELIVERS!”

“We had Troy design the promotional material for the launch of my The Power of YOU! book that was released in August. He understood exactly what it takes to move people to take action in a short period of time. Through the use of effective story telling, and emotional ‘hot buttons’, we were able to accomplish some significant numbers.

In the 48 hour promotional blitz, we sold over 5,000 books and managed to capture #1 spot on the Amazon overall best seller list, as well as #1 on 4 other subcategories on the Amazon best seller list.

Not only that, we managed to STAY #1 for a 3 days, which is a major accomplishment on the Amazon list. Only 2 weeks after the initial launch we’ve sold more than 11,000 books and it’s still selling more every day…

I would recommend Troy highly if you want significant returns in a very short period of time.”

Scott Martineau, Co-Founder and CEO, ConsciousOne.com, #1 Best Selling Author, “The Power of YOU!”

“…1175 orders in about 48hrs!”

I must say that the Results that we have seen from Troy’s copywriting skills have been amazing. I did a test run to one of our lists and the numbers were quite impressive, although it was done during a holiday weekend. See for yourself!

We had over 1175 orders in about 48hrs. The most exciting part is that the orders kept coming and coming with no further effort from me.

Troy has assisted us in building our list and making consistent sales.

The investment in his services has been well worth it and we can see how the profits will continue to come in. I would Highly recommend Troy’s services. You want to take advantage of his talent and expertise now because I am sure his prices will go up soon.

Dr. Charlie Drake, President of BraveHeart Productions www.itseasierdonethansaid.com

$15,000 in 10 days

“Troy is not only a master of direct marketing and copywriting, he also is a great teacher. He is able to distil and pass along the essence of important concepts in ways that make them practical and doable. And they get results. For example, under Troy’s guidance I sent three sequential emails in 10 days to a list of 450 I had created, and earned over $15,000. Troy is fabulous to work with and he gets results.”

Geoff Kelly
Melbourne, Australia

“Troy White has the absolute gift to Turning Words Into Wealth!

If you are serious about increasing your bottom line profits – hire Troy today! He will over deliver and will get you the results you desire.

Don’t wait any longer – I know from experience (and through work he has done for me) that his rates will be rising quickly. Grab him now and profit tomorrow!”

Dr Joe Vitale, Best Selling Author, www.mrfire.com

“Troy’s copy has gotten us an exceptional 6.8% conversion, in a VERY competitive industry!

It has been great working with Troy and seeing how the right words can turn skeptics into buyers. I would highly recommend Troy’s work if you want better results from your marketing. Also, his main page copy converts 41% of our site visitors into subscribers… again… very strong numbers that will keep those people in our funnel for years to come.”

Thanks again Troy.
Ouida Vincent and Mike Ray

“Troy, thanks for all your great work. Your copy is energetic and engaging and touches deep into the soul of the exact audience we are targeting.

Your last piece created over $47,857 in revenues for us, within the first 48 hours… not only that… it all happened during the weekend which is absolutely the worst time to launch a new web campaign like this.

Thanks again Troy, I look forward to many more successful product launches with your expertise at my side.”

Joel Christopher, Best Selling Author

“Troy understands how to get potential customers to take action that leads to sales. His understanding of creating great sales copy is outstanding and we have used him for creating compelling copy for us and recommend him to our clients.”

John Assaraf, New York Times Bestselling Author, Star of The Secret, Founder,OneCoach, Inc

“Troy, You do turn words into wealth, thank you.”

You are the copywriter master and we want to thank you for helping 84 co-authors all becoming # 1 Best Sellers. You are truly a team player. Your friend Always.

Steven E, Creator of the # 1 Best Selling Wake Up…Live the Life you Love series

“Troy wrote an advertisement and a special report for me that I had to stop using!

Not because it wasn’t working – but because it was bringing me in too many leads!

In a highly competitive industry like mine, the ad Troy wrote for me pulled in a whack of new business to me. Thanks Troy… you are my new secret weapon to build my business.”

Donna-Lee Powers, Calgary

“34.7% increase in business in the first 30 days”

Working with Troy has been very helpful in growing my business. Just in the first month of his coaching program, I was able to grow my spa revenues by over 34%. I can’t wait to see what happens in future months! Thanks Troy.

Louisa Yap, Balmoral Spa, Singapore

Troy, I have to tell you that my exposure to you and your story-selling course have dramatically improved my writing…I found my written “voice”. I remember your advice to the first story-selling class to get good at writing you have to write a lot. So true.

Bill Loeber

Hi Troy, Just a quick note, not sure if you saw my December newsletter but in it I included a story selling campaign and guess what… it worked again! I sold to clients who haven’t bought from me in years and some who have been on my mailing list and have never bought from me. I didn’t do the full sales letter formatting which probably would have done even more but I am pleased with the return I got.

I did space things out more than I usually do and I used the … too. Baby steps. Not big bucks, not a big ticket item but money that we have this month (one of our slower months) that we wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t written my story.

Thanks for riding around in my head now. I’m working on January’s campaign and also a mascot. I’ll run it by you when it solidifies a bit in my head.

Julie Freedman Smith, www.parentingpower.ca

“Troy not only holds a black-belt in martial arts, he’s also got one in marketing and copywriting.

His marketing approaches provide a unique twist on time-tested proven strategies. Most importantly they deliver results. As in cash registering singing, money-making sales. In a day and age where calling yourself a ‘copywriter’ online isn’t all that uncommon, Troy stands apart. He’s the real deal. I can’t think of a small business that wouldn’t benefit from having Troy by their side. I have no hesitation in recommending Troy.” September 19, 2011 Linked In Recommendation

Michael Zipursky, Co-Founder, Business Consulting Buzz

Hi Troy,

I just want to thank you for that email you sent out and the way you went through the saddelback website and shared what they are doing.

I am one of those people who has been on your list for years never brought anything off you and only really started reading your emails the past month.

I now see you in a whole new light and in that one email what you shared really struck a cord with me.

I run an eBay business full time and what you shared there for free there are a stack of things one can use to connect better with customers and increase profits.

I thank you for that and will be taking a lot more notice of what you have to offer.

Thanks, Ben Forde

“Troy’s story selling works! In just a few short calls Troy as able to uncover great story ideas that I didn’t even realize I had. I’ve been sitting on a gold mine!

Thanks to Troy we did our first Halloween promotion ever, and had a 18 to 1 Return on our investment! We are already working on our next two campaigns.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Thanks again!”

Seth Greene – CEO, Financial Advisor Marketing Program

I highly recommend Troy White. He is an exquisite and talented copy writer. Transformational leaders across the globe hire him for sales and web copy. He has produced wonderful results for my project. Hire him.”

Shawne Duperon 6-Time EMMY® Winning Communications Leader | Master of Traditional & Social Media | Globetrotting Speaker & Trainer – www.shawnetv.com

From my mentors and business associates…

“Troy D. White has attended three of my major seminars and read several of my books. What I respect the most is he, as with other high performance people, is always improving his skills.

Troy has also written successful copy for one of my products and is assisting me in my home-study copywriting program. While I’m tough on writers, he is one of the best young copywriters in North America today. I can recommend his services without hesitation”

Sincerely, Ted Nicholas, The King of Print Advertising

“I could have recruited pretty much anybody to contribute articles on business management in The Total Package. My choice: Troy White.

Troy’s mastery of business-building strategies and management techniques that can explode your company blew me away. They’ll make you money if you let them.” – Clayton Makepeace (Clayton Makepeace has done over $1.3 billion in sales)

” Troy’s copywriting technique is fantastic and I love his use of words in his ads and sales letters.

I can say also that I have seen the work of many, many copywriters but hardly any that can keep up with copy as strong as what Troy is producing.

Troy… go buddy, people will be queuing up for you for sure!”

Alan Forrest Smith, Copywriter, UK


Forbes write up and mention of Troy White's articles on marketing, copywriting, lead generation and entrepreneurship

Forbes.com and a favorable mention

* These results are not typical and in no way are a guarantee you will see results like this. Those who take the ideas shared in this blog and put them into action get results… those who let the ideas sit and collect dust… will get no results. There are many factors you must consider when creating new marketing campaigns – who you market to (exactly), how you get to them, what you say to them, and what you are offering to make your offer irresistible. Missing any one of those will be detrimental to your results.

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