Talentless Speed Marketing? (free pdf and video)


As of today, you don’t have to work so hard!

Not only that, you don’t need to be smart or have talent, because…

1) A new study has debunked the 10,000-hour rule to attain mastery.

2) EVEN BETTER… Daniel Levis has “kicked the rule while it’s down” and totally ANNIHILATED the learning curve (with his speed-writing system).

So we can all take a breath…

EVEN IF your open rates have bottomed out!

EVEN IF your click-through rates are non-existent!

EVEN IF your sales have tanked!

As background, the 10,000 rule was made popular in 2008 by Malcolm Gladwell’s bestseller, Outliers.

It said that 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” would take you to world-class mastery in any field.

But a recent debunking study from Princeton says it ain’t so.

Which is great news if you need money NOW…

… Because you can quit waiting… quit busting your butt to become a great copywriter, marketer, or entrepreneur (20-hours-a week x 10 years = 10,000 hours).

So what do you do instead?

Cheat, unless you’re a masochist.

But if you insist on suffering, why not haul in the cash WHILE you’re torturing yourself to become an expert?

Now you can, because not only has “the rule” been debunked, but Daniel Levis has ANNIHILATED the evil myth with a NEW VIDEO and PDF PROFIT GUIDE:
The proof is here… systematized automation to create money-on-demand from virtually any email list… and the power to grow those lists at warp speed…

…WITHOUT the risk or the spirit-crushing trial-and-error …

… WITHOUT investing the time required to write winning email campaigns (even if you HAVE paid your 10,000 hour dues… this is STILL MUCH FASTER)…

… WITHOUT forking over the big bucks for a competent copywriter to help build your business.

Check it out while you put your feet up: “NEW PROFIT-GUIDE PDF + VIDEO! The 10,000-HOUR ANNIHILATOR: Slash Time and Effort as Lifeless Lists COME BACK FROM THE DEAD!”
By the way, Daniel Levis is the authority the pros turn to for EMAIL expertise.

It’s the reason they’re world class… they learn from the best!

British marketing legend, Drayton Bird says:

“Forget the guys who say ‘I’ll make you rich in 3 days’. Turn to Daniel Levis for advice based on deep study, real practice and good thinking. The genuine article.”

Marketing wizard, Mike Filsaime says:


Copywriting expert, John “Angel “Anghelache, says:

“Email Alchemy is a complete step-by-step system for crafting email promotions that result in serious profits within days. Daniel’s system just plain works. Get it. Use it. Profit. And repeat.”

Jon Benson, consultant and creator of the 3X Sellerator, says:

“Email Alchemy dug far deeper into my list and quadrupled my sales – for real, that is not hype. It generated a Tsunami of orders I had no idea were even there. In just two weeks, we pulled $300K in immediate sales for 3X Sellerator, plus another $100K+ in payment plan sales, all from a list of fewer than 25,000 names.”

Marketing funnel expert, Todd Brown, says:

“It’s one of the best, most comprehensive email training programs I’ve ever come across. Darn near irresistible! That’s how I would describe the email copy that comes out the other side of Daniel Levis’ EMAIL ALCHEMY methodology. If you want the ability to crank out highly-engaging and action-driving email copy, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better teacher than Daniel.”

Daniel’s done the work… so you can relax!

He’s one of the few marketing tacticians who’ve personally engineered campaigns (for his own projects and for clients) in every conceivable niche… for hundred-million-dollar companies… all the way down to kitchen-table startups.

Daniel’s also spent thousands of hours dissecting and analyzing emotional reactions and decision-making patterns that affect every aspect of THE SALE… from open and click-through rates… to length of time reading… to buying behaviors that lead to, or away from, THE SALE.


>>> IF YOU want FAST…paint-by-numbers, quick-strike, high-impact, low-cost guerilla marketing that quickly builds rapport and familiarity…

>>> IF YOU need speed writing that almost forces people to opt in…

>>> IF YOU want to encourage consumption of pre-selling content that gets people to buy, buy, BUY…

>>> IF YOU need to resell customers once they buy…

>>> IF YOU have to gather intelligence on what your prospects want… and need quality testimonials…

…Then you need the LAZY MARKETER’S shortcut right here:

“NEW PROFIT-GUIDE PDF + VIDEO! The 10,000-HOUR ANNIHILATOR: Slash Time and Effort as Lifeless Lists COME BACK FROM THE DEAD!”

This is the 3rd video in Daniel’s new training series, all available now at that page.

Dig in and make your life easier.


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