Summer Solstice 50% OFF Marketing Campaign Sale (plus how I lost 30pds of fat)

Summertime is here and NOW is the time to ramp up your marketing.

Over the past 13 years, I’ve developed specific tools to help
my clients attract new leads and improve their cash flow.
My #1 seller and resource that helps?
The Cash Flow Calendar.
This is the ultimate tool for those who want to do more marketing,
but aren’t sure how to get it done, or what to use as part of the
The 2014 Cash Flow Calendar has well over 1,200 marketing and
wacky promotional ideas to keep you busy and keep your cash flow
rolling this summer.
* * * The 2014 Cash Flow Calendar is on sale for 50% off * * *
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One promotion campaign from the Calendar made Graham $11,500,
another made Doc Carney $11,000…

…what can it do for you?

* The promotions could be for a sale.
* For a launch.
* For a fun event.
* For a customer appreciation party.
* Or just to get some free publicity.
* As a co-operative promotion with other like-minded businesses
* As a seminar or workshop
* As a theme party you throw for all the photos and videos you
could use
Or any one of a hundred different reasons to get your customers
and prospects interacting with you.
Grab your 50% off deal now.
PS: Here’s an unusual interview of me for you.
Everything NON Marketing revealed… especially how I lost 30 pds
in fat, got back into competitive kickboxing (at 45 yrs old), and
have won far more fights than I lost… in just the past 8 months!
PLUS, how I gave my daughters the gift of fitness.
This site has interviews with all kinds of fitness freaks, me
being one of them.
My interview runs tomorrow (Friday) – grab it free here –
Here’s their write-up about my interview:
But this 45-year old father of twin 13-year old girls is also a second degree
blackbelt in tae Kwon do, and a self confessed fitness freak who has recently
renewed his commitment to exercise and healthy eating, taken up competitive
Kickboxing and Muay Tai … and in the process has lost over 30 pounds of fat,
and packed on 20 pounds of lean muscle. Troy will be discussing “balance” in,
and between, Life and Business.

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