Story Playbook #1 comes out tomorrow – here’s what you get inside

As promised, Story Playbook #1 is coming out tomorrow, September 15th…the day before my birthday.

playbook logoIt’s a doozy…

…And if you are serious about your marketing, your sales conversions, and your overall peace of mind as an entrepreneur… you need to get on this now

The Story Playbooks are new tools you can use to bump up your weekly cash flow numbers, and personalize your business (no matter how ‘commodity’ you think your products or services are).

Here’s a quick insight into Playbook #1:

* From nameless and faceless to down-home personal and best of buds (how to turn a commodity sale into a loyal buyer and forever friend)

* Stickman stories and turning a chunk of wood into a personal favorite for your clients.

* Why the internet marketing crowd is in peak state of Boregasm (and what you can do to break them free if this is your market)

* Boregasm Breakers for The Thin-Skinned and Weak Whiners in the crowd

* 6 Sacred Story Playbook Rituals

* Heavy Metal Yoga and the profitable way to niche your stories and transform a dull or boring business

Stories work in B2B – in B2C – online – offline – for lead
generation – for sales conversions – for customer retention – and
for past customer clawbacks.

Stories work EVERYWHERE...and The Story Playbook shows YOU how to
make your sales grow rapidly with a simple little addition to
your marketing and sales initiatives.

The Story Playbook is a tool unlike any other out there.

It shows you practical examples of story-based sales…and gives
you the tools, the formulas, the strategies, and the “how-to”
information to use in your own business.

Unique strategies you won’t find anywhere else…

…at a rock-bottom beta launch price!

Grab it now… the price is doubling very quickly!

Details are on the page.

Troy White

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