Spooky success with the 31k club

Have you ever wanted someone to be there at your side to prod you along to greater levels of success?

Someone who would give you the ideas that make you more money?

Someone who can show you the shortcuts to having substantial sales this holiday season?

I have a very unique offer for you today.

No hype, no bull.

Just real actionable tools for go-getters like you and I. (and a stellar deal as well)

I am launching the 31k club starting November 1st.

It is a bonus with something else highly unique I have for you here.

The 31k club is designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, and sales professionals who want to get a LOT more done in less time.

Starting November 1st, and running for 31 days I am going to kick your butt to write more (yes, I know Nov only has 30 – work with me here :o)

Every single day for 31 days I am going to give you extra tools, tips and techniques to make your writing flow, and your promotions sing.

You will discover the intense results that happen when you go full out for 31 days.

Your business will grow.

You will grow.

And you will develop a skill that will stick with you for life.

As I mentioned, the 31k club is a free bonus you get when you commit to learning from me and these other masters.

Guys like Ted Nicholas, the $6 billion dollar man. You get over 4 hours with Ted on a recorded session where he shared his copywriting and success formulas. 4 hours sitting at the feet of a multi-billion-dollar-revenue-builder.

Next, Bob Burg. Bob is a genuine great guy who specializes in helping you build word of mouth and referral business. Zero cost, high impact leads and clients.

What entrepreneur doesn’t need help with focus and time management? Les Hewitt is the focus master – and you get 3 hours with his training audios on how to get TWICE as much done in half the time.

Website not working? Daniel Levis walks you through his 5R system for maximum sales with minimum web traffic.

Plus you get extra bonuses and some surprise gifts and audios. https://www.31kclub.com

Invest in learning from the masters, and I will gift you the 31k club … plus, if you go through the 31k club with me to the end – you get a nice signature story trophy for your office, and some great mentions and pr in upcoming newsletters and blog posts.

So – are you up for the challenge?

Do you need help growing your business in the next month?

I will kick your butt and make you succeed with your writing in the next 31 days.

I dare you…


Join me in the 31k club and you win all around.

Details and registration are at https://www.31kclub.com

To your Spooky Success.


PS: You also can get the audio coaching AND the 31k club for FREE – details on the registration page. https://www.31kclub.com

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