Slump ditty ditty dump – moving on and upwards in marketing

If you’ve been in business or sales for any amount of time, you’ve had a slump.

We alllll have.

Anyone telling you otherwise is… lying.

The key though is hoisting your shorts up, getting focused, and grinding through the down times.

Easier said than done at times.

After 13 years in this business, and many other years in past businesses and sales positions, I’ve had more than my fair share.

You know what?

Slumps ALWAYS come to an end…

…if you have the tenacity to stick to it – and do some things you won’t want to do.

There’s an entrepreneur I’ve known for many years.

She has been in the same retail business throughout the time I’ve known her.

She sells a product that a segment of the population LOVES… and her retail space is located in the ideal spot for that segment.

And now I have to say… WAS.

Her space is now occupied by someone else.

She is out of business. I’m guessing…never to return.


She had her slumps.

She’d buy me lunch, attend my workshops, and buy my products.


…she NEVER took consistent action.

Sometimes she’d LISTEN and up her game with some email newsletters. Special promos. Story-based campaigns.

They were fun to read…engaging…and mouth watering (she sold a high end, niche food product).

She had the ultimate customer story too – a regular client who had her Fedex her product halfway across the world.

She could have milked that story for mucho dinero…but didn’t.

She could have done highly targeted marketing within the area her shop was at…she didn’t.

She could have done weekly or monthly themed events at her shop…but didn’t.

She could have leveraged her customer stories into a membership program and monthly “bundle in a box” program… but couldn’t be bothered.

Instead, she chose to WAIT for business.

WAIT for them to find her.

WAIT for them to find a single compelling reason to try her out.

WAIT for them to come back and buy again.

You know what?

The waiting game FAILED her…and now she is out of business.

Which is exactly what happens to most entrepreneurs who fall into a slump, and do nothing to claw their way back out… bigger and better.

There’s some crazy stuff going on out there right now in the markets and economies.

Some people are thriving right now.

Others are panicking.

The choice is always yours.

If you want a very simple way to consistently grow your sales THIS YEAR AND NEXT…you have to take charge and up your game and motivate your marketing.

You need to do MORE marketing.
Better marketing.
Consistent marketing.

* And story-based marketing.

THAT is how you up the ante and grow your revenues.

I am doing something different right now.

It’s not free – but it’s reaaaal close.

This is a simple and inexpensive way you can master your marketing and excel at story-based marketing.

Here’s the dirt – and the details:


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