Skunk, porcupine, and deer: my favorite breakfast foods


Nothing like a little bit of pungent skunk, with a poke 
from a porcupine, and a spook from a deer to start a guys 

As much as I would like to claim I’m a manly man and eat 
that for breakfast…


But… I do see them all early mornings.

As you may know (or may not, if you’re not paying 
attention or new to my newsletter)… I like to get 
out and be active.

Been in the martial arts for 13 years.

Do my interval and weight training at 5:30 am (great 
way to start the day!).

And I walk the furball religiously every morning before 
getting busy.

My morning walk is often down in the wooded-wonderland 
in Calgary called Fish Creek.

Fish Creek is one of the largest urban parks in Canada, 
and has every kind of wildlife you can imagine.

The other day, Casino (my furry marketing assistant) 
was all wagging his tail and stuff in the dark 
(always a sign of trouble to come).

Lo and behold… a MONSTER porcupine was trapped by my 
not-so-intelligent friend.

LUCKY for him… I got him out of there before 300 quills 
poked his eyes, lips, tongue, and some other parts he may 
not of enjoyed too.skunk

Last week – a skunk.

Pretty well daily, we see a deer that scares the bejesus 
out of us as it jumped in front of us on a dark pathway.

Needless to say it gets the heart fired up and the 
adrenaline flowing!

Which is my point…

YOU need a ritual.

A daily ritual.

One that first you up and empowers your profits.

I love exercise to start my day.

I also love writing – every word of which is an asset 
to my business and marketing.

The new Renegade Club newsletter is HOT OFF THE PRESS 
and the October edition is about to hit doorsteps around 
North America.


This is a combination of marketing and sales strategies 
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It’s actually been distributed in print for 5 years under 
a different name, I took it over and am in the midst of 
rebranding it and pumping it up!

You won’t find any details there – but I can assure you 
it’s an incredible investment if profits are top of mind.

Try it out, immerse yourself in the world of 
Renegade Business Builders… and start a new daily routine 
that gives you the lifestyle you want.


Have a great weekend!


PS: Test out the Renegade Club newsletter and I will be 
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