Right message… right market

Two success stories to share with you on advertising effectively.

SUCCESS STORY #1 – Network Marketing Money Machine

I received a phone call 2 years ago from a husband and wife team.  They have done exceptionally well in the network marketing industry, and now was to go big on the speaking / information publishing business.

We designed them a campaign that goes like this:

Step 1 – Squeeze page to capture emails from people

[All a squeeze page does is capture contact information from people who visit your website.  You need to entice them into why they should sign up – snippets of content they get, free bonus books or audios, etc.  When they enter their information – name and email – they are then sent to step 2.

Step 2 – Thank you for sign up and Free CD giveaway

[We gave away an audio cd detailed part of their system they use to earn well over a million a year in the industry. The cd is free, shipping and handling is $5. This gives people a very low cost way to get more familiar with you and your techniques. If they take the free cd offer, they click through to the order page with an option to buy into step 3.

Step 3 – Upsell to higher end package at 20 -40 times the price of step 2

[When people go to the order page for the cd offer, they are offered an option to buy a much higher pried package. In this case we did 2 higher priced options – one at 20 times the cd s&h price, the other at 50 times that price. They can get just the cd… or take them up on the upsell offers with much more information and product sent to them.

Step 4 – For those who never took the offer for steps 2, 3 or 4 – they get sold into step 2 through the auto responders they receive once they sign up on the free newsletter (step1)


Because the copy was targeted perfectly to their market, and because they had a good number of people read the copy:

1. 1800 people purchased the cd option
2. 20% of those people bought upsell #1 (at 20 times the price)
3. 5% bought upsell #2 at 50 times the price

Do the math!  That is a serious money making AUTOMATED machine. For every 1,000 qualified people they send to their site, they know roughly how much money they will make immediately.

In the next 9 MONTHS, that simple marketing system, with the right words, sold well over $1.2 million dollars.


How can you leverage these ideas and automate the sales process in your business?

SUCCESS STORY #2 – First time author ROCKETS to #1

Another client of mine launched his first book.  You may have seen some of the promotions for The Power of You!?

We invested a substantial amount of time and resources putting a massive campaign together for him.

1. Teaser sales letters to get people to the main sales letter

2. $3,000 in bonuses to buy the book on the launch day

3. Long copy sales letter to sell the book and bonuses – the key was that he needed people to buy on a single day so Amazon could do their calculations on if he had a best selling book (calculated by Amazon every hour based on total books sold from their site)

4. Recruited LARGE numbers of partners to endorse the book to their own client lists.  They got to read the book first, then endorse the book to their own clients if they like the book.  IMPORTANT NOTE: the partners received NO financial compensation for doing this.

I wrote the copy they sent to their lists, to recruit them as partners, to sell people the book, etc.

5. Arranged everything to happen on August 15th starting at 12:01 am.


#1 on Amazon – on the main book best seller list AND in all 5 registered categories the book qualified for!

PLUS, 3 days later – it was STILL #1

Thousands and thousands of books sold (5,000 sold in first 2 weeks, 55,000 sold over the next 3 months) – each of those books is a lead generator for him (ads on the inside of the books for other products) and a MASSIVE database built from the launch (people had to supply their emails to get the bonus materials)

Now he has #1 International Best Selling Author to his name.


How can you leverage these ideas and have other people promote you to their lists? How can you use this to launch a new product, service or bundle?

The key here is to NOT say “that isn’t my business”. The key is to say “HOW can I make that apply to MY business?”

When you do that – and then implement what you wrote – you will see similar results as they have seen.

The power of the written word, combined with massive action…

Simple Things to Change and Test in your Marketing and Copy Over the Next 30 Days (measure your results before and then after you make these changes to see the effect on your bottom line)

* Are you running a headline in all of your marketing? Go to the news racks and pick up some copies of Cosmo and The National Enquirer (seriously).  Find ways to modify some of their cover headlines to fit an advertisement, or email, or newsletter subhead line. This is a simple, yet incredibly effective way to create revenue producing headlines.

* Is it targeted specifically at your target customers?

* Are you specific in your claims? None of the “best in the world” type of claims – no one believes them anyhow.

* Does your marketing material answer the question – “would this help our field sales people close the deal, or pre-qualify the prospects?

* Does every piece of your marketing containing some form of measurement device (special website to visit, email subject line to send you, trackable phone number, etc)? Without this, you have no way of knowing which of your marketing dollars are working for you, and which ones aren’t.

* Does your marketing and advertising materials explain what it is you want them to do immediately after reading the ad or promotion? (does it ask them to take action by phone, mail, email, web form, or fax?)

* Does it answer all the questions your typical prospects ask your sales people?

* Can you specifically tell me who your ideal client is (age, sex, income, demographics)?

* Is the most common word in all your marketing “You”? If not – get rid of all the “I”, “We”, “Us” etc – they do not care about you! All they care about is what you can do for them.

* Do you have testimonials in everything that your prospects and customers see?

* Do you follow up with your prospects and clients at least once a month?  Remember that there are totally different messages you want to send to your prospects and to your existing clients.

Try this out in the next month – and let me know your results.   Troy