[Replay of yesterdays call] Billions in YESes

Let’s cut to the chase.

Like it or not…

All effective communication means moving
your listener to a desired outcome…


You can call it what you want…


Whatever you need to tell yourself to feel good but…

Frankly, it’s one of the most important skill sets
that every real estate professional needs.

The problem is most see “selling” through the
wrong lens.

They feel they have to be manipulative or sound like
a cheesy salesperson to get a YES….

BUT…nothing could be further from the truth.

True “selling” is about opening up your listener’s mind
and showing them new possible outcomes.

It’s not about boxing your listener into a corner
and trying to “close” them in.

My special guest on Thursday’s webinar, Kenrick
Cleveland, has been developing the skills and
strategies for true “selling” for over 38 years.

His methodologies have been used in every
industry imaginable resulting in Billions of dollars
worth of YESes…

…yes I said… Billions.

The best part…

What he reveals on the webinar, can immediately be
implemented in your business today… so you
start to receive more YESes.

===> Access The Replay (only available through
this Monday) https://maxpersuasion.com/troy

NOTE: he gave some FANTASTIC advice here!

MY PERSONAL FAVOURITES were his 3 steps to YES,
and his 3 powerful questions to ask them.

There isn’t a business out there that couldn’t use
these questions, or variations of, to boost your sales.

I will be using them – and everyone who wants to boost their
revenues needs to use them too!



P.S. Make sure to watch through the very end because
when you become excited about all the possibilities
when ramping up your business using these new skills…

…Kenrick makes an outstanding offer to work with
him personally at no cost.

===> Access The Replay (only available through
this Monday) https://maxpersuasion.com/troy


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