Remember the Lobster Brothers? Their story made them millions and CLOSED their core business!

I’ve been singing the praises of Catch a Piece of Maine for years.lobster

I heard through some of the media like CNN and Forbes that 2 young brothers had a very unique idea for their Lobster business…

…so I stalked them and made them get on the phone with me!

That call made such a massive impact on me, I’ve been sharing their story and ideas for many years now.

I even wrote a free report detailing how they did it – and how you can use their ideas in your own business. You get this report FREE with your Story Playbook membership

Things this BONUS report shares:

* How to turn a $10 purchase into a million dollar a year empire … in 9 months or less

* How to personalize a commodity product so your competitors disappear

* The 30 second secret add-on they used with their lobster shipments that gained them press with Fortune, MSNBC, USA Today, Money Mag, CBS, and about 42 other major media outlets (*also how they used this one add-on to get HIGHLY affluent buyers of a traditionally commodity-priced product)

* How they edged a $10 sale to a $3,000 sale, and ignored the critics, while banking millions

AND…how this one story-based secret launched an empire, that has now closed for even BIGGER and BETTER things!

Yup, this story-based idea took them to over a million in sales in their first 9 months, made them many millions after…and has now spawned an INTERNATIONAL empire that will make them many, many more millions!


…And this is in a commodity type of business.

Yes, stories DO work with commodity type businesses.

They work in B2B – in B2C – online – offline – for lead generation – for sales conversions – for customer retention – and for past customer clawbacks.

Stories work EVERYWHERE…and The Story Playbook shows YOU how to make your sales grow rapidly with a simple little addition to your marketing and sales initiatives.

The Story Playbook is a tool unlike any other out there.

It shows you practical examples of story-based sales…and gives you the tools, the formulas, the strategies, and the “how-to” information to use in your own business.

Unique strategies you won’t find anywhere else…

…at a rock-bottom beta launch price!

Grab it now… the price is doubling very quickly!

Details are on the page.


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