Referral marketing and word of mouth mastery

Listen in as I interview the referral marketing master, David Frey.

This is a very informative (and profitable) 60 minute interview you need to hear.

Why? Because referral marketing and word of mouth are 2 of the most powerful ways any entrepreneur can grow their small business.

Do you have a referral marketing system in place?

Here’s one done for you.


* 6 powerful elements of effective referral generation

* The least leveraged tool you can automate with a simple online site

* 3 fun sites that will spice up the relationships with your clients

* One of the most overlooked reasons for contacting your clients (and why they will LOVE you when you do!)

* Your new 3:1 referral system that will boost the number of referrals you get by 500% (and then the follow up thing you can do to boost the referral numbers by 300% more)

* How to get in front of major players and the big names in your targeted prospect list

* Major circles of influence… how to win them over and get them sending you their best customers

Get your interview here – no sign up needed.

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Have a fantastic day.



  1. Thanks Troy.

    It’s always good to get more ideas on how to create referral systems.

  2. Awesome – can’t wait to listen to this. I’ve always been a fan of David’s teachings on referral marketing.

    In fact… he’s the one that really got me into it!

    Thanks Troy! And.. thanks David too! 🙂

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