Raiders of the lost art of email marketing

I love email marketing.

Over the past 10 years, I have written hundreds of campaigns, and seen brand new startup companies grow to be million-dollar-a-year empires.  I have seen mom and pop operations grow to be international media sensations.  And I have seen 20-something year olds become very wealthy with the use of email marketing and a website sales campaign (see the bottom of this for Chris V’s story).

All with this simple little thing called email.

It’s reach goes FAR beyond Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Facebook ads… but email reaches BILLIONS of people… Facebook doesn’t (yet).

Some of the best email campaigns I have written (based on sales numbers) were the most bizarre ones.

They told sad stories.

They told weird stories.

They compelled people to want what was being sold.

But there is a BIG problem with email marketing…

…most people don’t understand the power or simplicity behind it.

If you have been reading my articles for any length of time, you know I rarely if ever sell my copywriting services through my newsletter.

But I was thinking about a very unique program for email marketers (or soon-to-be-email-marketers).

One that has me help you write an email series that makes you money.

One that creates an evergreen campaign you can run again, and again, and again for years to come.

One that puts cash in your pocket quickly.

…and one that doesn’t cost you a fortune to get done.

You may or may not know, copywriters can be expensive… rightfully so.

A good email campaign can make you tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars if the right offer and the right market are matched.

So a good email campaign writer SHOULD charge a bundle for this.


…You can always do it yourself if you don’t want to pay someone else with far more experience to do it for you.

I personally stopped tracking my hours of copywriting at 3,500 hrs – many years ago. No idea where I am at now (I used to mark an X on a spreadsheet every time I invested an hour in writing copy).

You can do the same.

OR, you can get in touch with me for a VERY unique program I am doing.

I only want 3 people to join me in this.

It won’t cost you much at all, but there are 2 conditions that need to be met:

1) You must have an existing email database (or physical addresses will work too).  It doesn’t have to be tens of thousands of names, but it does have to be a list of people who have come to you and expressed interest (or have already bought from you)

2) You must be able to invest at least $500 in this campaign right now.

Pretty simple and basic requests for doing business in this day and age.


Do you want help creating a winning email campaign?

Help that doesn’t cost you a fortune up front, and is tied to the results that you get?

Then reply back to this, or better yet, call me at 403.259.4566 and we can discuss what I am up to and how you and I can play together on this.

Sound fair?

Drop me a line and lets see what we can do.

Have a great day.


PS: If you have no interest in getting help with your email results, you need to at least listen to this interview with my mentor, and the $7 billion dollar man, Mr Ted Nicholas.  Ted is the king of print advertising, and his ability to weave effective words into a compelling marketing piece is legendary.  I interviewed Ted for a program some time ago, and wanted to make sure you got this (it has never, ever been shared before).

This MP3 should help you design and craft your own marketing pieces that sell.

– – – – – – – –

“…grew from $2300 per month to over $96,000 per month”

“Troy, I cannot thank you enough for the 2007 Wild West Millionaire Summit you put on. My membership business grew from $2300 per month to over $96,000 per month and still growing at a ridiculous rate… all from your marketing calendar, copy writing and you helping me tell my story with the world. I have gone from a College Student to a Millionaire in under 3 years with my Dream Home on the water being built as we speak… My wife and new born daughter thank you even more!.. lol. I think your event, your information, your personality is incredible!”

Chris Vermeulen

– – – – – – – –

“…1175 orders in about 48hrs!”

I must say that the Results that we have seen from Troy’s copywriting skills have been amazing. I did a test run to one of our lists and the numbers were quite impressive, although it was done during a holiday weekend. See for yourself!

We had over 1175 orders in about 48hrs. The most exciting part is that the orders kept coming and coming with no further effort from me.
Troy has assisted us in building our list and making consistent sales.

The investment in his services has been well worth it and we can see how the profits will continue to come in. I would Highly recommend Troy’s services. You want to take advantage of his talent and expertise now because I am sure his prices will go up soon.

Dr. Charlie Drake, President of BraveHeart Productions

– – – – – – – –

$15,000 in 10 days

“Troy is not only a master of direct marketing and copywriting, he also is a great teacher. He is able to distil and pass along the essence of important concepts in ways that make them practical and doable. And they get results. For example, under Troy’s guidance I sent three sequential emails in 10 days to a list of 450 I had created, and earned over $15,000. Troy is fabulous to work with and he gets results.”

Geoff Kelly
Melbourne, Australia

– – – – – – – –

“Troy White has the absolute gift to Turning Words Into Wealth!

If you are serious about increasing your bottom line profits – hire Troy today! He will over deliver and will get you the results you desire.

Don’t wait any longer – I know from experience (and through work he has done for me) that his rates will be rising quickly. Grab him now and profit tomorrow!”

Dr Joe Vitale,
Best Selling Author,

– – – – – – – –

“Troy understands how to get potential customers to take action that leads to sales. His understanding of creating great sales copy is outstanding and we have used him for creating compelling copy for us and recommend him to our clients.”

John Assaraf,
New York Times Bestselling Author, Star of The Secret

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