Raging your way to rapid results

Sometimes you just HAVE to let your emotions take over.

I am normally a very calm person (too calm in most cases)…

…but some of my best marketing results have come from those moments of rage.

The times when I get FED UP with someone over a question they could have answered themselves with an ounce of initiative.

So I write an email or shoot a video answering their question – then within 5 minutes I turn that email or video into an evergreen piece of marketing I can use for 10 more years, untouched.

Or the time I run a solo ad with someone and get crappy results…

…so in a rage I go out and invest 3 X as much in ANOTHER solo… this time investing more because I know their testimonials are better and the quality of their list exceptional.

Turning that rage into rapid and highly profitable results.

Or the times when I get fed up seeing other people getting phenomenal results in their lead generation efforts with canned squeeze pages.

…so instead of trying to reinvent my own page… I copy and paste the ‘canned’ one.

Lo and behold… my results go up by 500%.

We ALL let our egos get in the way of our results.

Stubbornness (yup – I’m a master at being stubborn).
Downright stupidity.

Been there and wear the t-shirt.

And there is DEFINITELY a time and place for sticking to your guns.

Bu there is also a time when you need to let your emotions, oftentimes angry ones, take over.

Get MAD at yourself.

Get MAD at your results.

Get MAD at your lead generation efforts (or lack of results).

Get PISSED OFF at all the time you waste on Facebook every day.

Then do something about it!

Go on a rage.

Copy and paste those template pages you can buy for $20.
Buy a kick ass solo ad campaign.
Place some Google ads.
Get your ad running on Facebook.

And do it ALL in an afternoon.

Rage can kick you in the butt and get you moving.

It can propel you forward faster.

It can help you get a BOATLOAD of stuff done quickly.

Let it.

Don’t always be ‘that guy’ or gal that always keeps a cool ahead about you.


Well directed rage that is.

It works for me, and is working right this very week for me.

Try it and please let me know how your pissed-off-edness has profited you!

Have a great day.


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