Why marketing is like punching (and getting punched) in the face – for fun

You may have seen in the past that I have an unusual hobby and pastime…

Troy White - kickboxing

When the match is going well…I smile

…punching and kicking, getting kicked and punched…

…and giving back more than I take 🙂

For 14 years of my life, I’ve been in one form of martial arts or another.

Second Degree Blackbelt in Tae Kwon do…

…and a true love for Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

At 46 years of age – I love nothing better than getting in the ring with a 20-something year old for a competitive sparring match.

They see the grey hair… and think “what in the hell is grandpa doing here?”…

…while I think “young punk – watch this!”.

I’ve had 21 tournament fights in the past year and a half and LOVE IT.

Won more than I lost… but no perfect record, by any means.

My biggest contender was 6’8” 290 pounds – and 20 years younger than me. He hit like a freight train, but man-oh-man did I learn a lot from that fight.

Much like marketing…

You take some, you give some, you win some, you lose some.

BUT, do you ever wonder why so many entrepreneurs and marketers love martial arts and more extreme sports or workouts?


The burst of adrenaline I get in a fight is JUST LIKE the adrenaline I get when a marketing campaign succeeds and the orders start streaming in.

Each order coming across an email is JUST like getting that perfect punch or kick.

And boy-oh-boy have I taken some lumps in the ring…and in the marketing game.

But I’ve also won more than I lost!

And – one of the most important lessons I’ve learned lately… IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO UP YOUR GAME!

Here’s the best way you can do that right now:

I did Kickboxing and Muay Thai when I was in my late 20s – early 30s.


Ouch…no smile

BUT, I made a mistake and listened to others nattering away at me: “don’t fight, you’ll get hurt”, or (yes – even at 30 I was hearing this) “you’re too old to start competing now – leave it to the young pups”.

Stupid me – I listened. I sparred in class – but never took it to competitions.

Fast forward 15 years (!!) and I clued in and got back into my favorite martial arts (kickboxing and muay thai) – and started competing.


Been hurt – hell ya.

Last november I torn the MCL on my left knee in a tournament fight. Hurt like hell and took far too long to heal…

…but it did heal, and I’m geared up for the tournaments this fall.
So my lesson to you today is – START NOW!

Develop a love for the adrenaline that comes with a great story-based marketing campaign.

Learn to love that rush that comes in every time you get a new order from your story-based campaign.

Get serious about your love of marketing – and hone your skills and work your training!

I know lots of martial artists that love to do classes – but would never spar.

Sparring is where your skills SHINE – or look like SHINOLA.

Just like people who want to succeed in business…

…some are just wannabes and buy the courses but NEVER DO ANYTHING.

And some take it serious, hone their craft, and get in the ring to test their skills out.

THAT is where you really learn!

Learn to love the rush.

Learn to love the failures… and learn from the times it didn’t go as planned.

The Story Playbook is designed to give YOU the skills to do this

Grab it now before the price doubles!

I also teach some conditioning classes in kickboxing/muay thai…if you are in Calgary…come on out to a class! Just drop me a reply and I’ll hook you up!

Have a good one,


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