One simple thing you can do to get unstuck and build marketing momentum

14 years ago I was working in the computer hardware business.ONETHING

I was selling high end servers and storage systems, and rapidly growing a dislike for what I did.

Money was great, but it wasn’t my future.

So I did something few others would ever do (nor was it probably the wisest thing I ever did)…

…I quit.

…without a plan.


No clue on what to do – but I had a passion to get a business up and running again (I had ran multiple businesses in the past before getting sucked into corporate life).

One of the first things I did was also the catalyst for my copywriting business – and my niche businesses that I now run.

I wrote.


But not just anything!

I found a book called “The Artists Way” by Julie Cameron. I was missing the creative side and found computer hardware highly uncreative.

One thing I loved about that book was the “Morning Pages” she had you do.

It was a mind bending exercise I went through every single morning.

Day after day, week after week, month after month.

3 pages of hand written…something.

That’s basically the formula – and one I loved then – and STILL LOVE.

Every morning, you sit down with a pen, and some paper (NO COMPUTERS!).

And you ramble on for 3 pages. No more – no less.

3 pages.

Once you get into the routine of this you can knock them off in about 20 minutes.

I re-started this process recently – and am back in love with the process.

It will fire up your creativity.

It will inspire your marketing.

It’ll be the best damn therapist you could ever ask for (*other than punching a heavy bag – but that’s a whole other conversation).

It will seriously get you unstuck and re-inspired.

You combine that ONE THING with the techniques I share in The Story Playbook – Novembers edition comes out next week – and you will take your business to a whole new, elevated level.


….you can read that one thing and do nothing.

OR you can sit down every morning and write out 3 pages.

It’ll make you a faster writer – meaning you make more money in less time.

It’ll give you clarity around areas in your life that confuse you.

It’s simple – and it works.

The choice is yours – do nothing, or do this and see rapid results that you will love!

I know which path will make you the most money – and doing nothing will get you nothing.

Try it for a month – every day – 3 pages.

Combine it with Story Playbook #3 and your year will end with a very profitable finale!

Have a great weekend.


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