One simple idea from the Cash Flow Calendar… $2 BILLION in Sales?

First off, I am not claiming he stole this idea from my 2015 Cash Flow Calendar…

Steal my ideas and make yourself a bundle!

Steal my ideas and make yourself a bundle!

…but YOU CAN!

You may or may not have heard about Jack Ma and his incredible success story of Alibaba.

Alibaba is the largest e-commerce company in China.

And they use SIMPLE marketing ideas that I preach in the Cash Flow Calendar.

Their BEST and most RECENT?

A holiday they *invented*.

It didn’t exist before – but they created it and called it their own.

How’d it work?

$2 Billion (with a big B) in 1 hour!

$8 Billion in 24 hours!

With a 100% made-up holiday!

“Singles Day” was invented in the 90s as a response to Valentines Day…

…and now lays claim to “one of the most successful – and lucrative – *manufactured* holidays in history”.

There’s a great marketing lesson here.


Start creating your own rules.

Start crafting your own holidays (which I preach and teach here – covers the balance of 2014 and all of 2015).

START wrapping your custom-manufactured holidays around persistent and profitable marketing campaigns.

It’s a very simple formula that doesn’t need anything other than some initiative, come creativity, and some guidance (which I give you in this step-by-step playbook

Honestly, if you invest the minuscule amount I charge for the Calendar, and can’t honestly make $5k, or even $50k from it…you aren’t following the simple steps properly!

Jack Ma used ONE IDEA and ONE HOLIDAY (that he created out of thin air)… and made $8 billion in sales!

Not saying you can do that …

… but you sure as hell can make a few grand extra a month with it.

I even guarantee it!

Have a profitable day and week ahead.


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