One seriously fun and profitable way to pocket some cash

With all the Facebook posts, Tweets, articles, blog posts and email newsletters to write, it keeps a person busy just coming up with unusual ideas to keep things hopping.

…Then toss on a dash of originality so that you stand out from the thousands of other messages a person sees in an average day.

Whew… exhausting just thinking about it.

It’s the main reason I created the Cash Flow Calendar 5 years ago… and why I continue to update and add to it. (new $100 off special offer


For example, here are just a few ideas out of the calendar for the next couple days:

* Today (Friday the 21st) – World Alzheimer’s Day / World Gratitude Day / International Day of Peace / 1st gift coupon introduced (New York – 1865)

* Sunday Billy the Kid 1st arrested (1875)Billy the kid

* Monday the 24th – Energize Day / National Women’s Health & Fitness Day / World’s Longest Kiss recorded (17 days, 10.5hrs (1984)

* Next week: National Singles Week / National Clean Hands Week / National Love Your Files Week / International Women’s E commerce Days

Think about the Facebook Ads you could run with Billy The Kid as a graphic – or the big old juicy pair of lips as the graphics to tie into the Longest Kiss occasion.  Or run a special promotion or discount in honour of the 147th anniversary of the coupon.  Or have a special offer just for women next week for online orders.

All it takes is some innovative ideas, mixed with an itty bitty amount of initiative, and you have a campaign that’s unusual and profitable.

We are heading into the last 3 months of the year.

Christmas just around the corner.

Yearly goals that nerd a shot of adrenaline to keep them on the right track.

Which is EXACTLY why I am offering a special deal on this program.

$100 off!

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Pick up a copy and get your first promotion out this afternoon – another one out on Monday or Tuesday next week.

This is a simple, simple way to get more content out there in front of your prospects and buyers.

Use them to educate – or use them to improve your cash flow…

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Profit tomorrow.

Have a great day.


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