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2015 Marketing & Promotional Calendar

Probably the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make is not marketing their business enough.

The more times you get the message out to your prospects and clients – the more times they will buy.

But Now You Don’t Have To Let A Marketing Opportunity Pass You By!

It’s time to get your 2012 Marketing and Promotional Calendar!

GUARANTEED to put at least $5,000 additional dollars in your pocket this coming year.

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Need more leads?

Here is a powerful, content-rich special report that details the exact system I use to generate leads on demand.  No hype. No bull.  I perfected the formula testing my own ads with my own money – ultimately finding the blueprint attached and simple display ad that generates me 30-50 quality leads every time the ad runs.

This works for:

* Google Adslead generation help

* Facebook Ads

* Newspaper Ads

* Yellow Pages

* Google Places

* Online Display Ads

* Offline Display Ads

* Fliers

* Postcards

….and pretty well any other media you want to use to generate more leads.


Are you a consultant?


I love helping other entrepreneurs and consultants.

In 22 years, I have been:

* a House painter and franchise owner (consulting on colors)
* a Unix systems consultant
* a multi-media consultant
* a storage and backup consultant
* 10 of those years as a marketing and copywriting consultant

I have loved nearly every moment of it… but knowing what I now know,
I would certainly change a few things if I had a hot tub time machine.

When Michael Zipursky asked me to contribute to his Masters of Consulting book,
I jumped at the opportunity to share some of my insights.

Some of what you will discover:

* The 3 words that will help you land any client you want.
* A pricing plan strategy that is backed by science and works 90% of the time.
* Discover how to expand your business and make much more money through
outsourcing the right way.
* Why 95% of the marketplace isn’t for you, and how to find that golden 5%.

…and much more.

Full details on his new Masters of Consulting Interviews bundle is at this link


Need more leads? This will help.

Small Display Ads

I am going to show you an easy way to attract an ample supply of qualified customers into your business.

And those customers can be quickly turned into repeat buyers using this same system.

Discover the templates that get me up to 50 quality leads every single time the ad runs.

Not only that, those 50 leads – are among my most profitable of all.

The report is a staple for any business who depends on a steady stream of new clients. $20.00

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Powerful business growth strategies all in one place

Turn Your Words Into Wealth

I want to share with you some secrets to grow your business fast.

They are secrets because 97% of businesses HAVE NO CLUE they even exist.

A warning though: this is for serious minded entrepreneurs only.

This is only for you if you honestly understand that starting,

building, and profiting from your business comes from creating

systems. Consistent marketing and advertising systems that

bring in the ideal clients for your business.

Once you have them in place, you can step back and watch them

work their magic. This gives you true street-smart techniques

you can immediately put to use in your business.

These are NOT theoretical text book ideas – these are based on

actual tests done out in the field. In all kinds of businesses

and industries… and YES… they DO work in your industry as well.


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