National Crab Meat Day and a FREE 2015 Cash Flow Calendar upgrade for you…

3 MONTHS LEFT in the year!

2014 flew by in a flash… but 3 months can make you a boatload of bucks.

Here’s an offer to help.

As you may know, I produce the annual Cash Flow Calendar, and have
upgraded every year now for 5 or 6 years.

crabWell over 1200 marketing ideas, copy and paste promotions, and bizarre
theme-based promotions you can run.


In honor of National Crab Meat Newburg Day (and my 46th birthday last week),
I am doing something I’ve NEVER done before.

Giving away the 2015 version… free.

If you’ve already invested in the 2014 version… no matter when you grabbed it…
…you get the 2015 version FREE.

And, if you invest in the 2014 version now – I will
send you the 2015 version in late-October.

New dates.
New templates.
New theme based campaigns.

And a TON of story-based copy campaigns you can profit from.



I had an unusual experience in the past couple weeks.

Old school experience.

I actually (gasp) picked up the phone and CALLED people out of the blue.

People who bought my products before.

People who I met at events before.

The reaction?


Very few people do that anymore – so everyone I spoke to LOVED IT.

Which made me think it’s time to do something different.

Something MORE for you, and for my existing clients.

Which is why I’m giving you the 2015 version free when you invest in
the 2014 Cash Flow Calendar

And easy to add more cashflow into your business.

I even have a unique way for you to get your own white-labeled version
of the calendar, if you want to sell it and keep 100% of the profits yourself
(email me if you are interested in the white-label version).

So, if you want to really ramp up your sales in the last 3 months of the year,
AND have a complete 365 day master plan for profits, the invest in the
calendar right now

Call me weird… lots do… but grab this deal before I change my mind.


PS: If you didn’t see this short webinar I did a couple weeks
ago, you must at least see the recording! A great way for you and I
to do some very customized work and build a business together

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