My spooky screw up and some lessons to grow your business

Over the past couple months, I’ve been working in a different niche and head space.

Sadly, I neglected sharing my marketing insights with
you during that time.

But, boy-oh-boy did I learn some powerful things I
wanted to share.


First, ALWAYS follow your intuition!

How many times I’ve ignored that nagging gut feeling in
pursuit of the all might money!

I shudder to think.

In this case, I had warning signs FARRRR in advance of
going head-first into this adventure… but I ignored

It cost me $, it cost me far too much stress, and it
cost me some goodwill with YOU that I fully plan on
earning back.

ALWAYS follow your intuition – and back it up with some
checking the facts, but let your intuition guide you
through those tough decisions.

If I had followed mine, I would have saved 2 months of


Second, when plunging into new jv products or
partnerships, double check if your EGOS are in line
with each other.

Ego has a funny way of getting in the way of success.

In this same example, if I had done a little more
advance ego-checking, I would have seen the proof that
my intuition was right.

Just because surface level stuff says one thing,
doesn’t mean your new partners ego won’t get in the way
of trying and succeeding at things that could’ve been
wildly successful.
Third, B2B is no different than B2C – just because you
couldn’t/didn’t make it work before – doesn’t mean it
doesn’t work for others.

I’ve done some great B2B campaigns that got wicked-good
response rates (one of them got an 18% conversion rate
from a COLD list!

All C-level buyers – never heard from the client before
– using a 2 page black and white letter – no logos to
be found – entire campaign told a STORY – not the B2B
facts most companies spew out).

The best part? The 18% response rate came with
COMPLIMENTS from the prospects.

We received NUMEROUS emails, phone calls, and even
letters thanking US for such a unique, and welcome,

B2B does not mean you hide behind a company – some of
the greatest and most successful companies in the world
have a personality at the core – NOT A LOGO.


Four, always be prepared to listen to others – your
opinion ISN’T always right and they may have something
very profitable to share!

Just because something didn’t work for you in the past
– doesn’t mean it won’t work for you now – you just did
it wrong in the past.


Last, don’t be afraid to FAIL, and FAIL FAST!

The last thing you want to do when something is turning
ugly on you is to ‘stick it out’.

Especially when the intuition is telling you the
opposite, the egos involved are clashing, and the
ability to see things from all sides has become murky.



As the great Michael Jordan shares in this quote: “I’ve
missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost
almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take
the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and
over and over again in my life. And that is why I


Failure is not to be shunned – it’s a GOOD THING.
The more you fail, the more you succeed.

This applies in face-to-face sales, it applies in
online marketing, it applies in offline marketing.

This applies in sports. In learning. In improving
yourself and your situation.


And fail fast and furious, while you’re at it.

It develops thick skin – and positions you for

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