My date with Katy Perry… and the awesome wisdom she shared

First, an admission: I have a musical genetic defect. 

I tried playing a few instruments throughout my younger days, but failed miserably and moved on.

At the time, I thought I just sucked.

Now I realize I did suck, but there is something bigger than just that.  I have discovered I have some kind of weird mental block that limits my ability to hear the words in songs.  I love the beat and flow of songs, voices included… but I cannot for the life of me make the words out into a coherent story.

My sister has the same issue with music as me.

That said, I love listening to the music and I LOVE a great success story.  I have written about some of them before in the music biz.

Lady Gaga

Gene Simmons

…and now…

Katy Perry.Katy Perry Part of Me Success Secrets

Who’d have ever thunk I would write about her (said the same thing about Lady Gaga)?

Being an entrepreneur at heart who loves trial and error – failure is part of my life.  I have failed at far more things than succeeded.  Ask anyone who does reach a certain level of success or enjoyment in their life, they will undoubtedly say the same thing.

You CANNOT succeed without failure!


All these loser internet marketing hosers who claim you can knock it out of the ballpark with your first cool million in your first month… ya, those ones who charge $1,997 for their incredible products… full of shit.


Take Kary Perry.

She is the FIRST to admit her shortcomings and failures.

Her Part of Me movie came out and I took my daughters to go see it.

I was thinking it was a musical extravaganza… complete with glittery outfits, bouncing body parts, and lots of pretty people everywhere on stage.

I was right.katy_perry

But oh so wrong.

This movie was more of a documentary of Katy Perry and her rapid rise to fame.

She is still a young pup at only 28 years old.


Katy Perry is the only artist to spend over 52 consecutive weeks in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100, and has since extended this to 69 weeks. As of 2012, Perry has been nominated for eight Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year (Teenage Dream) and Record of the Year (“Firework”). She was named 2011’s “Artist of the Year” by MTV. She has sold 37.6 million digital tracks in the United States and 11 million albums worldwide, and sold over 74.6 million digital tracks worldwide. In 2012, Perry was ranked at number fourteenth on Billboard’s list of top moneymakers of 2011, grossing more than $11 million (wikipedia.org).

Not too shabby… don’t you think?

How was the daughter of a very religious family of preachers able to do this?

She started young.

She found her passion.

She worked her passion.

She had a big breakthrough when a friend introduced her to Alanis Morissette. It was the first time she was able to listen to non-religious music and a whole new world opened up for her. From there, she took off writing, singing and playing her way to mega-success.katy-perry-live-success-entrepreneur

It came at a price though – a big one.

Failures throughout.

Columbia records just about held her back from greatness.

Rather than giving in, she stuck to her beliefs and found Capital Records, who let Katy be Katy… and history was made.

Did you know she is only the second musician in history to have 5 songs from the same album hit #1 on the charts?  Michael Jackson was the only other to do this.

THAT is impressive.

Not only that, the actual movie follows her through an entire year of her tour.  365 days on the road.

She was exhausted.

She was broken.

She never gave up.

She inspired me and my daughters.

Katy Perry is an incredible go-getter and I loved this movie/documentary.

(I may not have heard her words while singing, but she still inspired me!)

Some of the great one-liners from her movie (would have brought more, but forgot a note pad and didn’t want to be THAT guy with the cell phone out in the movie).

“Thanks for believing in my weirdness!” (I honestly believe that the weirder side of all of us is that hidden marketing tool we all need to bring forth)

“If you have a dream, you have to go on a journey to fulfill that dream.” (It IS about the journey.  I have been on the journey for a decade on my own now, and the wonderful curve balls life throws at me continues to make me smile, or cry, depending on the curve).

“You can cancel or try your best” (This was the quote that her manager said to her when she was nearing the end of her tour and realizing how exhausted she was, and reality setting in about her marriage to Russel Brand was coming to an end.  She ended up choking back her tears, putting on a smile, and going out to put on one of her greatest shows ever.  We all have to do this when times get tough and we have no choice BUT to suck it up and move on).

“Be the CEO of YOU” (no one else has your best interest at heart.  You can’t blame others for your shortcomings.  YOU have to be the one to step up and take control. NO ONE will do it for you.)

“I started singing in church… I never really had another plan.” (sometimes you just have to get into the moment without always trying to look forward.  I have personally seen many doors opened when I was in the moment and not looking)

This was an exceptional documentary and I highly recommend you see it.

And before you go off about hating Katy Perry, or crediting her success in the business to her bosom and skimpy clothing… just go watch it.  It is impossible in this day and age to reach the level of success she has by showing some skin.  Far too many people out there think that’s all it takes. Similar to all the people out there that think they can throw a pieced-together ebook, throw it on Amazon, and make a mill by next Tuesday.

Ya right – good luck with that.

Hold your judgement on Katy until you see the movie.

The entrepreneurial spirit shines bright in her and it will reignite in yourself once you watch it.

Enjoy.Katy Perry Marketing and Entrepreneur Success Secrets


PS: If your entrepreneurial spirit is shining, but you feel lost in what to do, what to sell, or how to sell it… reply back to this email or comment on my blog post (or email me at [email protected]).  I have an awesome idea I would like to discuss with you and if you like it, you and I could be quickly and easily making some moola in business together. No BS or overinflated promises.  Just a solid idea that you may like… I know I do and it puts money in my bank monthly.


  1. Great post Troy. Had never (never) occurred to me to go see this movie, but putting a business/persistence spin on it makes me reconsider.

  2. Hey Greg. Great to hear from you.

    It really is an inspirational movie that shows what hard work, pig-headed determination, and a commitment to the true you can do.

    She is an amazing gal, with a true entrepreneurial spirit.

    Anyone that things all she has going for her is her looks and her clothing, NEEDS to watch this movie. The looks and clothes are the dressing for a very solid business woman.

    My thoughts anyhow.



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