My Chem Teacher didn’t COOK Meth… he smoked it!

Breaking bad had 10.3 million people tune in to watch the series finale.

The last season had 300% more viewers than the previous year.

All about a Chem teacher gone bad… and a knack for cooking Meth that’s the best in the world.

I personally LOVED the show.walter white breaking bad

Bryan Cranston played Walter White (not my father, or even a remote relative, if you must ask)

He was flipping BRILLIANT at this role.

Who’d have thunk it that the dad from Malcolm in the Middle would play such an AWESOME bad guy, tough guy, and all around monster meth cook?

Not me!

I was wrong on that…

…but I’m right on one thing.

My Chem teacher smoked crack.

I swear he did!


Caveat: I was a weeeee bit of a shithead in school.

Barely passed high school (was averaging 49% or less in some of my classes until finals. Somehow, someway, I pulled one out of my arse and aced them. How I did it is for another time. All that matters is that I did… and didn’t get caught 🙂

During those high school days I had a Chem teacher who HATED ME.

Mr Roberts thought I was the spawn of Satan (hey, maybe it was the hallucinations from the meth?).

In fact, he told me I would… get this… “Pump Gas for the rest of my life”.


Only for 6 months… thank you very much Mr Roberts, you ass!

Yes, I pumped gas… in minus 30.

Got me to get it together and go back to school – ultimately ending up with a Bachelor of Commerce degree (who knew partying and business school went so well together? I figured it out and managed to do ok at it).

So, good old Mr Roberts, deep inside his meth-induced haze, thought I would be a gas jockey forever.


Not anymore…

Now adays I get to help entrepreneurs build businesses that make them moola.

Some of them make drug-dealer/meth-cooker kinda money (like Chris V – who’s making a very healthy 7 figures a year in his lifestyle-built business).

Others make nice chunks of change – more in a month than Mr Roberts (the meth-smoking-ass) made in a year!

All that matters is that he was wrong and I was right.

Oh – and that there ARE systems out there that help YOU make a bundle online.

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Have a great day!

And stay away from those meth-cook Chem Teachers.


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