Luigi the Love Bird and the Happiest Entrepreneurs of them all

I had the great privilege to be in a small, private event last night.

I got to meet and listen to David Chilton, best selling author of The Wealthy Barber and is one of the Dragons on Dragons Den.

David is a very successful entrepreneur, financial planner, author, speaker, and coach or mentor to untold thousands around the world.

Dragons Den is a very successful show in Canada and has continually upped its game over the past 8 years on television (David said the pitches are better this year than every before).Luigi and Mary in the studio smaller

David was sharing some of his favourite parts and stories of being a Dragon, and some surprising things were shared.

But there were a few things he said that I think contain golden nuggets of advice for entrepreneurs.

First, a GREAT STORY means easier marketing and sales.

He shared the story of Luigi The Lovebird and his owner, Mary (https://www.handandbeak.com/our-story/).

Mary is an eccentric entrepreneur who found her bird Luigi was a MASTER at shredding paper.

So, being your typical entrepreneur, Mary does what entrepreneurs do best…

…she finds a way to build a business with a very cool story.

Starting off with simple greeting cards with Luigi’s shredded paper, she got rave reviews, developed a following, and ultimately a small business.

She went to Dragons Den to get some funding, and some help.

She was an entrepreneur with no records, no financials, no business systems in place…

…but she had a GREAT story!

David loved the story – saw something there (looking beyond a very unusual and somewhat ‘crazy’ entrepreneur at the helm) and…

…he invested.

– – – – – –

“Definitely the strangest pitch, but also my favourite pitch of the Season. Luigi’s is one of the most memorable and popular pitches in Dragons’ Den’s history.” — David Chilton, The Wealthy Barber and Luigi’s Personal Dragon

– – – – – –

Some hilarious things happened in the Dragons Den interview (including Luigi flying off and almost getting fried in the studio lights).

The deal was signed… David looked beyond the countless missing pieces needed for a successful business, and got her represented by Hallmark cards!

Her cards are a best-selling item and are a HOT ITEM, at PREMIUM PRICES.

Because she had a GREAT STORY (which is on the back panel of every card – as it should be!).

Don’t HIDE your quirks – you KNOW you have them – USE THEM!

Leverage your story (my Story Selling course will be a BIG help https://www.storysellingtips)

DID YOU KNOW: $50 billion a year is spent by those who LOVE stories. Think about all the people who go to movies, read books, and watch sports – living OTHER PEOPLE’S stories! People love a good story and are willing to pay for a good story.

Every entrepreneur I’ve ever MET had a great story to share – but most don’t (until prodded, poked, and booted in the butt!)

Another VERY interesting thing that David said can be taken two different ways.

“The Happiest Entrepreneurs I Meet On Dragons Den
. . . are Lifestyle Entrepreneurs”

Lifestyle entrepreneurs are tough to finance, because there is typically no staff, no major manufacturing or overhead, and a lack of documented systems that can be grown into mega-corporations.

So they don’t get financed much by the Dragons. The Dragons look for businesses they can SCALE QUICKLY.

Lifestyle Entrepreneurs have successful businesses that make them a great living… and FUEL the happiness that David speaks of.

They don’t necessarily WANT to SCALE, to grow into a mega corporation, to deal with (or babysit) employees.

They want to earn a significant income – on their OWN TERMS.

David Chilton Dragons Den

David Chilton

THAT is a lifestyle entrepreneur.

That is what I personally love. I’ve had 8 employees at once when I ran a painting company – and I hated babysitting them.

Nowadays I love the type of business I have (13 yrs now).

My only full-time employee is my lazy dog Casino.

I get to spend lots of time with my daughters, and I can do things on my time and my schedule.

If you want to be HAPPIER as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, drop me a reply and say hi.

Not here to pitch anything – I’m here to help.

It was a great event last night and David was a VERY funny speaker (if you ever get a chance to hear him – or hire him as a speaker – DO IT!).

And if you want to live your life as the happiest type of person David’s ever seen, hit reply right now and say hi!

Have a great day.

Troy White

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  1. Thank you for writing such a nice piece about us! Hey, if a bird and a crazy lady can do it anybody can….you just have to try really hard.

  2. You are most welcome! I loved David’s stories about you and Luigi. And congratulations on your success 🙂

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