Lizard brain sales secrets and Henry Ford freedom finders

Henry-Ford-QuoteHenry Ford knew it.

McDonald’s and Subway know it.

I know it, and so do YOU at some level.

That there’s ONE THING that makes marketing easier, simpler, faster, and cheaper.

It’s working like hell to figure out what actually works IN REAL LIFE… boiling it down to make it even more efficient… and then SYSTEMATIZING every infinitesimal step in the process until it’s chimpanzee-easy.

Because we all know SYSTEMS work, even if it’s something as dumb as putting your car keys in the same place every day.

That’s why you’ll LOVE Daniel Levis’ BRAND NEW PROFIT GUIDE pdf and VIDEO:
It’s the sequel to his The Death of List Building training (also available on that page)… and the BIG SOLUTION to plummeting open rates, click-through rates, and falling sales… that are getting WORSE by the internet minute.

Daniel is famous industry-wide as, “The EMAIL ALCHEMIST.”

It’s because he’s engineered hundreds of successful email campaigns… targeting millions and millions of end-users.

And he’s actually stood over people’s shoulders… seeing their reactions and asking them about their decision-making process…

…Then digging deep into WHY they’re deleting versus opening… WHY they’re skimming versus reading… and WHY they’re clicking but not buying.

In this NEW PDF and VIDEO, Daniel also reveals:

>>> Super-Simple PATTERN INTERRUPT examples (but you don’t have to know a thing about NLP)…

>>> All 5 elements of the 5-STEP RESURRECTION FORMULA, to ramp up your profits:
S_________+ O_________+ D _________+ P_________ + C__________ …

>>> Proven SUBJECT LINE examples and detailed dissection… including grabbing attention, and creating “need to know”…

>>> How your lizard brain is hardwired to scan for TWO PRIMAL DESIRES and how to literally steal someone’s attention in the subject line…

>>> The 3-Part SUBJECT LINE FORMULA (and the subtle tricks to using it correctly)…

WARNING: Daniel advises you to DOWNLOAD and READ the PROFIT GUIDE FIRST… so you’re not intimidated or overwhelmed (even though the VIDEO is pretty short):

“NEW pdf PROFIT-GUIDE + VIDEO! The Resurrection Formula: How to Survive Falling Clickthrough Rates and Revive Failing Sales!”

You’ll get the SAME FORMULA that rookie Jon Bowes used to 10X sales for John Assaraf at Neurogym: –>

So if you do nothing else this month…


It’s even FREE, so you can’t go wrong.


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