Lead Generation Display Ads…

The Secret Weapon

Behind Some of The Most Successful Small Businesses

In Existence

What if I told you there is a very simple way to generate as many leads as you can handle?

What if you were handed a simple 1-2-3 blueprint that is literally guaranteed to improve your cash flow?

What if I told you that this little tool is rarely used (properly) …and yet can consistently return to you a 5 or 10 to 1 return? (for every $1 you invest in your ads, you get back $5 or $10)




Fellow entrepreneur,

   I am not going to claim to make you a millionaire overnight. 

Nor am I going to tell you that you can push a magic button and wake up with a massively successful business. 

But, I am going to show you an easy way to attract an ample supply of qualified customers into your business.  And those customers can be quickly turned into repeat buyers using this same system.

My name is Troy White, and I specialize in turning your words into wealth.

Troy White - Copywriter, Lead Generation Specialist, Marketing Story Seller

Turning your words into wealth...

I work with small business owners from every corner of the planet… and I help them build solid lead generation and conversion methods.

There is one type of marketing that many businesses are using – with disastrous results.  It doesn’t have to be though.

You are an entrepreneur at heart.  You love what you do in your business.

But love doesn’t pay the bills!

You must find ways to attract lots of new qualified prospects to your business – then you must find ways to get them to buy for the first time – and then get them back to buy again and again.

If you don’t have a lead generation and conversion system in place – your business will fail.

This is the exact reason that 85% of small businesses fail within their first 5 years.

They don’t know how to generate quality leads – and then turn those leads into paying customers.

…I do.

I have done it for start up businesses… and I have done it for multi-million dollar empires.


Small display ads…

You see them everywhere!

They are plastered all over the local newspapers.

They are in the phone book.

They are on the internet.

They are used as brochures.

They are used in email promotions.

They are used on eBay listings.

They are used on web pages.

They are used as handouts.

They are on Google Search pages.

They are on all your Facebook pages.

They are everywhere, and are being done COMPLETELY WRONG!

How do I know this?

…Testing – and history.

History has proven that the way most people write display ads is guaranteed to BOMB.

My own tests prove this still applicable in 2011, 2012… and beyond.

And yet, when a small display ad is done properly – it is an automated ATM machine.  It will bring you in consistent numbers of leads every time it is ran. The leads will be high quality.  The leads will convert easily to paid buyers – again, using as much automation as possible.

For example, I run a small display ad in the local business paper. The paper comes out bi-weekly.

                              Every single time that ad runs… I get 30 – 50 QUALITY leads

Not only that, those leads convert better than leads generated via other means.  And they buy more – at higher prices – and more often.  Which is the panacea for most entrepreneurs; more leads, better quality leads, high conversion numbers to buyers, buyers that buy more, at higher prices, at higher frequency. 

So why do people continually complain

about their ads not working?

Because they are doing them ALL WRONG.

  • They listen to the advertising sales reps on what makes a good advertisement.
  • They listen to the same old line –“ you have to run your ad more often, for longer periods of time before people become familiar with you and start buying” Reality shows that if your ad generates no response the first time it runs – it willNEVER make real money.  While not everyone buys from first exposure – some do – and if you cannot get them to ask for information – you will never get the hard-to-sell types.    
  • They copy the other ads from the same industry (again – written by people who have no clue what makes for a great advertisement). 
  • They run them in the wrong places.
  • And they do not understand the basic fundamentals of good advertisements and sales copy.

One last thing most people do completely wrong


They try and sell a car in an ad – would YOU buy a $50,000 car from a 200 word ad?

They try and sell house painting from an ad – would you trust some contractors to come into your house – $3,000 check in hand – just from a small ad?

My point is – you can not, nor should not, try and sell your main product or service from the ad.  People like to know what they are buying – and why they should buy from you.

To do that… you must educate them.

When you educate your prospects and clients in the right way – in the right sequence – and using the right tools… you can be guaranteed a repeatable success system you can put on autopilot for months or years to come.

  • You can automate all your lead generation (no more cold calls!)
  • You can automate the qualification process for your leads (attracting all of the right kind of customers for you and your business – and weeding out all of the wrong kind of customers – NO MORE DEADBEATS!)
  • You can easily test where the best media placements are for you (is it from the internet, the yellow pages, the newspaper, magazines, or direct mail? Or is it a combination of them all?)
  • And you can simplify the cash flow generation process you have in place now (never again will you have to wonder where your next client is going to come from – you can estimate it with clock-like accuracy)

Now, I have taught some of this system in the seminars and workshops I put on.  Some people use my home study course material. Others enroll in my coaching program.

But I also realize that some people (maybe you?)

like the shortcut version to success.

Which is why I have prepared the Small Display Ads Blueprint.

This special report is focused on one thing only – using small display advertisements to generate you new leads and new clients.  It doesn’t teach you about referral systems… or direct mail… or internet marketing… or search engine optimization… it shows you in a 1-2-3 action plan how to create your own display ads that work like clockwork when you run them.

  • You learn how to build lead generation systems that outperform every single one you have in place now.
  • You discover how to find the right media (online and offline media covered)for your perfect client.
  • You simplify the prospect to paying client conversion process.
  • And you (finally) will understand why some people in the exact same line of work as you are in seem to ALWAYS be swamped with business and making money hand-over-fist… while you struggle along for every new client and dime that they give you.

I will warn you one last time though:  this report is not a magic pill you take!  You do have to test it in your business.  You do have to implement what you learn.  And you do have to take action immediately. 

The one thing you don’t have to do? 

Spend a lot of money.

I have decided to make this so darned inexpensive you would be silly to ignore this.  I personally invest $20,000 – $40,000 a year in my education.  I travel all over Canada and the US to find the best trainers and coaches to work with.

And it has paid off for me in a big way.

In only 9 years I have taken my existing business from the startup phase to become one of the most respected marketers and copywriters in the world (the name for those like me who write advertisements and marketing campaigns for a living).

I recently got written up by Forbes

for this exact reason.

And you can gain first hand knowledge of my secret lead generation weapon for only $20.


Call me crazy (my wife did when she heard what I was giving this away for – she knows how much I have invested to learn these techniques).  I have my own reasons for doing this.

Some subtle – some not so subtle.

First, I know that this system works and that when you put it into use in your business, you will see the results promised. And when you start making more money than ever – you will come back and invest further in my products, services, and seminars.  Right?  If I help you double your income in the next 12 or 24 months – wouldn’t you want more help from me?  I would hope so.

Second,  I realize the pains that entrepreneurs go through.  The constant battle with cash flow.  The never ending pain of living without a regular pay day.  The isolation of working on your own with no one to turn to for advice.  And the confusion you can be faced with when it SEEMS like you are doing everything right, yet you can’t seem to convince people to buy your excellent products and services.

So, for only $20 I am going to share with you a system that is guaranteed to improve your business.  This is the foundation for a brand new internet business I helped a client start in the summer of 2006 – in just under 12 months, we generated $1,000,000 (yes – million) from that business. 

A million dollar business from scratch in one year!

All started with a similar model to what is in this report

– for only $20.

Now, all you need to do is get your copy now – and I will email you the digital report.  You will see actual examples on how best to do it.  With lots of working templates you can use… and proven success models you can copy.

If you go through this report – and can honestly look me in the eyes and tell me it wont work in your business (despite being proven to work in every single industry in existence) – I will refund your investment.

All I ask from you is this…

Implement what you read. 

Put it into use right away.

Test out these proven systems. 

And when you find the winner… email me right away with your story.

Not only will I give you and your business some free publicity – I will also give you another free surprise gift. I won’t tell you what it is right now – but you can be assured it is something I will ship to your door – and it is something people have paid big dollars to learn (hint: it is another formula that works on top of the Small Display Ads formula to give you even greater results).

So – the question you must ask yourself right now is…

Will you continue on as if nothing needs changing or improvement in your business… or will you invest the miniscule amount of $20 to discover how to generate all the new qualified leads you can handle?

You know as well as I do… $20 is nothing.

You will spend that over the weekend on things you don’t even need. 

These days – $20 will buy you a grande frapahoochy-chocomocha-oooolala-gazillion-calorie drink at Starbucks…

                   …OR it can buy you the knowledge that very well may add some serious numbers to your bank account this year.

It’s up to you…[buybutton style=”3.png” linkingurl=”https://responsivedm.infusionsoft.com/saleform/nathniftt” windowtype=”_self”]

Invest the whopping $20 in your business future… or in something that will have zero impact on your financial well being.

You can also use paypal…


Please make the wise choice!

To your success,

Troy White

PS: In this day and age – how often do you get first hand chance to learn a proven system that has made millions for others – for less than the price of a movie for two Where else are you guaranteed results like this? And where else can you be shown the 1-2-3 blueprint to attract all the new business you can handle… for only $20?

Right here – that’s where!  Get your copy now before I change my mind on the price!



 A few clients speak out…

“Troy, your last piece created over $47,857 in revenues for us, within the first 48 hours

 not only that… it all happened during the weekend which is absolutely the worst time

to launch a new web campaign like this.~

Joel Christopher, Best Selling Author


“Troy, You do turn words into wealth, thank you. You are the marketing master and we want to thank you for helping 84 co-authors all becoming # 1 Best Sellers“. 

Steven E, Creator of the # 1 Best Selling Wake Up…Live the Life You Love series


Troy wrote an advertisement and a special report for me that I had to stop usingNot because it wasn’t working – but because it was bringing me in too many leadsThanks Troy… you are my new secret weapon to build my business. Look forward to working with you further. 

 Donna-Lee Powers, Calgary


 “…1175 orders in about 48hrs! The most exciting part is that the orders kept coming and coming with no further effort from me. Troy has assisted us in building our list and making consistent sales. “

Dr. Charlie Drake, President of BraveHeart Productions


 “Troy is not only a master of direct marketing and copywriting, he also is a great teacher. He is able to distil and pass along the essence of important concepts in ways that make them practical and doable. And they get results. For example, under Troy’s guidance I sent three sequential emails in 10 days to a list of 450 I had created, and earned over $15,000. Troy is fabulous to work with and he gets results.”

Geoff Kelly, Melbourne, Australia

 “Troy D. White has attended three of my major seminars and read several of my books. What I respect the most is he, as with other high performance people, is always improving his skills. Troy has also written successful copy for one of my products and is assisting me in my home-study copywriting and protege program. While I’m tough on writers, he is one of the best young copywriters in North America today. I can recommend his services without hesitation”

Sincerely, Ted Nicholas (The $6 Billion Dollar Man)

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