Jim Palmer and the Power of Decision

We’ve all made this dumb mistake.

You get a great idea for a new product or business.

You hum. Then you haw.

Click to grab this interview with Jim Palmer and myself

Click to grab this interview with Jim Palmer and myself

You put it off.

Sometimes (commonly) you overanalyze the idea TO DEATH.

Nothing gets done.

Then few weeks, months, maybe years later…


Coulda been you.

Shoulda been you.

I’ve known Jim Palmer for quite a few years now.

He’s the exact opposite of the above scenario!

He gets an idea – then steam rolls over procrastination!

Implementing ONE thing after ANOTHER.

Next thing you know… he has a KILLER business and an enviable business model.

I interviewed him about the POWER OF DECISIONS…

Here it is for download ==>

Some of my best and most profitable ventures came about with a lightning fast decision to act and implement!

Jim reveals some great nuggets in this interview, and is also giving away 500 copies of his new book, Decide.

So listen to the audio here=>

Then quickly grab a copy of his book before 500 copies are snapped up!


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