Internet marketing gone stale? Maybe it’s your attitude…

Heard it all before?

Ya right…

I always get a kick out of people that are in their own business and tell me they’ve heard it all before. Ask those same people how business is… “things are tough. The economy stinks” a number of not-so-brilliant statements start pouring out of their so-well-educated mouths.

The funniest ones are those who say they have heard it all… never implement any of it… and complain about how it is all re-hashed information that isn’t of use to them and their business. Those are the ones that are always on the lookout for the next shiny object they can blow their money on.

The pay per click product of the week.

The google arbitrage million dollar formula of the month.

The software-that-does-it-all-for-you-while-you-sleep magic bullet that promises them riches overnight.

Ask those same people how many new strategies they have tested in their business in the past month. Or how many new lead generation campaigns they tested. Or what kind of new customer communication campaigns they have sent out to their prospects and buyers in the past work week.

That’s about the only way to shut them up about how flipping brilliant they are.

“Well, nothing recently.”

“The last one didn’t work out so well.”

“This internet marketing stuff doesn’t work. Direct mail is too expensive and never gives a good enough return.

Blah blah blah (insert stupid excuse here).

Look, I am an easy going guy and I pride myself in having helped hundreds of businesses directly in the past 8 years in business add money to their bank account. I have written hundreds of articles that go out to tens of thousands of people every single week, each of those articles contain a nugget or ten that can improve their cash flow.

Here’s a tip that is guaranteed to make you a bundle.

Implement one new marketing activity a day for the next month.

It can be as simple as writing an article that you send out to your list, meanwhile copying that same article to one of the online article banks.

Copy that same article to your blog (which you just need to have…. period).

Mail that article out to your buyers.

To your prospects.

Consider each of those one marketing activity a day.

Day #1 – write an article and email it to your list.

Day #2 – post it to your blog

Day #3 – send it to the article directories

Day #4 – get 200 copies of the article printed and mail 100 of them to your prospects

Day #5 – send the other 100 printed ones to your buyers

Then do something different.

Day #6 – call 5 of your past clients to see how they are doing. Leave a brief message if they don’t pick up. Tell them you are just phoning to say hi, see how they are doing, and see if they have any feedback for you on

Day #7 – call 5 business owners that would make a good joint venture with you. See if they have any ideas on how you could do a co-promotion to each others list

Day #8 – find 5 online forums that your prospects would likely visit – invest 2 hours there and dig around looking for comments and feedback people are leaving. See what kind of questions they are asking. Look for the ones that come up on a regular basis.

And so on.

You can do one thing a day like this.

Things like: a teleseminar, an article, a blog post, a press release, and so on.

Are any of the above ideas rocket science?

Are they shockingly new ideas?


BUT, have you done any of them lately?

Have you actually taken the initiative to do one thing a day to build your business (checking email is not a proactive marketing task, nor is talking to friends on Facebook, or sending out an inspirational quote on twitter)

I’ll tell you what.

You do one thing a day like this for the next 30 days.

Every single day.

Each time you do one or more of them make sure your website link is there, along with your phone, fax and email.

Just because you have heard them before, doesn’t mean they aren’t any good.

How can you possibly expect to grow a business when you haven’t even implemented the BASIC tools like this? You can’t. It isn’t about all the fancy shiny objects out there on the internet. It isn’t about waiting for the “next big thing” that will make you a bundle.

It is ALL about taking massive action on a daily basis.

You do that… and if you can honestly show me what you did, and show me the lack of any results from all that effort… I will pay you $20.

It may not be a lot… but it will be my apology to you as obviously my ideas suck and didn’t make you money.

I doubt you will come back to me with zero results.

I have been doing this for 8 years now, and have never seen this simple system not work.

I dare you.

Double dare you.

Just try it.

And report back what happens.

Troy White

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