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14 years ago, when I left the corporate sales world, I was desperately seeking out some creative outlets.

Which is where I stumbled on copywriting.

I think it was a Dan Kennedy book I found at the library, that started me down the path (that – and my dads long-copy reprimand letters I used to get as a teenage trouble-maker – funny stories for another time next week).

I dug deep – studied – wrote – absorbed – and failed lots (still do – but that’s what you need to do to find the successes!).

One thing I became was an avid note taker.

Notes everywhere.

Lo and behold…

…I just found a box of random ‘drive-by’ thoughts.

Some very odd ones – some very soon-to-be-profitable ones.

A few examples:

* 17 ways PT Barnum used wacky ideas from the newspaper to get massive (and free) media attention…

* Broken nose blunders and the story of Rick Fowler…

* The subculture of the introverted parents of girl guides (how we all hid in our cars, rather than forcing ourselves to talk to the other parents)…

* Fabulous ways to make people ‘think’ they are making progress…when they clearly aren’t (I used to leave my cave and travel a lot – always laughed at the long windey lineups at customs that never seemed to work)

* How to turn marketing bashfulness into marketing pride…

* The reason I turned grey in a single weekend (and the profitable lessons learned while aging on a supercharger)

* Quintessentially Canadian and frost-white dingo-balls on my toque (if you don’t know what a toque is… look it up – a Canadian term for “its too friggin cold out!”…

* Gene Simmons mastery and 14 ways he leveraged one business to build his others

* 8 ways the genius copywriter Clayton Makepeace creates such killer sales copy (and makes millions for his clients every WEEK)…

* 9 ways to be a ZENpreneur…

* Paranormal X-ray vision of a 5 year old…

* Marketing lessons of the Rain Forest Cafe and a passionate cult following of buyers…

* The hamster/buffalo race-off and how to milk the media for everything they got…


A few not-so-nice ones I must have written while in a bad mood (or after a few too many libations maybe):

* Makeup won’t cover up the bitch…

* He did it in a dumpster?

* Do something different for a change…be a fricking decent parent for once!

* “Honey, I sold the Christmas tree”

* Don’t tell the wife – the girl I slept with in my teens – turned into a hot lesbian bank robber…

* We got roofied in mexico…

* Don’t be so special, you can do something motherly for christ sake…

* S*****…your ex-wife is breaking into your house. She looks perplexed…

* I draw the line at canabilism…

There’s a lot more I won’t share here.

Some were just stupid.

Some were highly intuitive into business ideas and marketing opportunities that were soon to come.

LOTS were fantastic ideas for content.

What’s the point?

If you are trying to grow a business, you need to always be on the lookout for marketing opportunities.


Most blindly go about life with their nose buried in a texting device…a select few see what’s going on around them and make some great profits by entertaining and educating their clients.

This one single box of notes I found – is worth tens of thousands to me.

It could be for you too!

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Happy shopping,

Troy White


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