In 8 months she did THIS….

A friend and fellow entrepreneur, Shara-Lynn is about to do something pretty AMAZING today!

Last July, she was fed up and frustrated with her chronic pain and headaches. She heard about an all natural product from a long-time friend and business associate, and the rest is history 🙂

8 months ago she started this business, and today she is about to hit the 100k affiliate rank! Which basically means her team is now selling over $100,000 a month in products!

She gets: an amazing bonus of $1,000 a month for a car of her choice (or just pocket the money), a $2,000 a month bonus for travel of her choice(or just pocket the money), a $10,000 bonus, PLUS 4 other income streams from commissions (those alone, making her more in a month than many make in a year).

Not too shabby for 8 months as a busy mom of 5!


Shara-Lynn is realllllly close to hitting that number today. As a team member of hers, I’d like to help out.

I love this company, and everything we are doing here.

Our product is top quality – and the dozens of testimonials a day we get back that up.

As you just saw with Shara-Lynn, the income potential is not too shabby either 🙂

I would love to have you part of the team!


if you are looking for a new income stream, or just want to be surrounded by a group of forward thinking, positive people, this is the right place for you.

If you sign up today – it helps Shara-Lynn get to her number – I’ll credit you back the $20 affiliate fee. Basically, message me about the best way to get started, and I’ll show you how to start with a bang.

So I am not only paying you to start your business, I’m also going to give you access to an incredible group of people that are doing big things in the affiliate health world, and sharing their success tips along the way. A full library of marketing and success tools – along with training every few days via video, and daily ideas via private Facebook group.

Do you want to be part of a great group of people with a fantastic product and plan to make money with?

Message me back if you have questions, and let’s do some awesome things together here…


Troy White

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