I drink alone

“You know when I drink alone… I prefer to by myself”

~ George Thorogood

Had the pleasure of seeing George Thorogood once, or twice in Calgary (some foggy spots back then…)

I heard the song “I drink alone” tonight on the radio and it took me back.

The pure power of nastalgia.

troy white - teenage mutant ninja marketer in the works

Don't let the suit deceive you...it was a wedding

Everyone loves to recall the “fine points” of their past.

For example…

In my teenage years, I was a total shit.

Oh ya.

Lucky to be alive…in so many ways!

My parents would gladly share a tale or two about “those days”… just ask.

Kept my wits about me… for the most part.

Definitely still an odd duck, in so many ways.

I have no intentions of changing.


Got carried away there.

Caught up in the moment.

Living nostalgia long past.

So does everyone else.
And they love it.

Find ways to bring some of it back in your marketing and promotions.

You’ll have more fun… so will your clients.

May the next drinking alone you do be a celebratory one in honor of your nostalgic marketing campaign being a hit!


PS: One of the more odd things I’ve been experiencing in this crazy year is my newfound passion for the Empower Network.

It opened my eyes to what could happen, when information publishing and training was built around a direct response affiliate program.

The numbers just work. 

It isn’t for everyone… I’ll be the first to say that.

It’s for people with an open mind.  For those who know the internet is vast and lots of people out there want to learn more about making money with websites… any website. For people that are willing to do something in getting it going.

It’s all about systems… and marketing.

Put the two together, and you have some very amazing things happen, rapidly.

Watch the video here – https://www.empowernetwork.com/troywhite/blog/being-a-beach-bum-takes-money/?id=troywhite

then join me in this fun and profitable adventure!

troy white - masked marketer and copywriter

Me and my furry marketing assistant, Casino...fighting the forces of evil


  1. Not really into nostalgia.

    It reminds me too much of the past.

  2. Funny! We all have those dark shadows back there… myself having a TON of them! Like to remind myself at times where I came from… and am going to. As always Rezbi, great to hear from you.

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