How to move past selling on price

I had a good email from a follower today:

Hi Troy,

I love your stuff and always look forward to your emails. I have been perusing your site looking for information or products relating to local businesses with a tough problem and maybe you can point me in the right direction.

How to best help local service businesses that are in a profit compressed industry that find it tough to distinguish themselves?

Let’s take propane dealers as an example. They have no other products except for the delivery of propane. Family owned, and oddly enough, most of their competitors are also family owned generation to generation.They all compete on friendly service staff, timely deliveries, price, and attention-to-detail.

And yes, (drives me crazy too) you could swap company logos with any competitor and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

How can I best help these type of companies?

Thanks, Peter

Great question – one many people can’t move past. They think it’s all about price – low price. Especially when that’s how your competition sells. And yet, as you well know, price isn’t everything. It’s part of the equation, but NEVER the only factor involved!

My answer:

Hi Peter. About the best advice I could give would be to get yourself and your business ‘personality’ out there more.

While everyone competes on price, you are showing them there is more to you than just a decent price.

You can have comparable and competitive pricing, but you have personality.

As an example: I did a campaign for a guy who owned a trash can company. The big bins that businesses rent when needing lots of trash dumped, or home owners need for doing renos to put their junk in.

A trash can is a trash can – prices are all pretty much the same.

I put together a letter we mailed to 200 of the largest home builders in the market. Cold list – none of them knew him – and they all buy based on price.

The letter focused very LITTLE on price or service (all the competitors were pretty much the same).

It focused very MUCH on his personality, his family values, his love for being an entrepreneur and raising a great family.

The results?

19% conversion rate.

A cold list – 200 letters mailed out – 19% of them said they loved the letter and wanted to talk more.

Many of these cold prospects THANKED HIM for such a personal approach to a cold, price-based business.

Obviously, this was the way to go other than focusing on price.

Hope that gives you a few thoughts.



Hope that gives YOU a few thoughts too.

Work on your personality in print as I like to call it.

Share your personality.

Use IT as a competitive differentiator.

It’ll open FAR MORE DOORS than being the cheapest on the block!


PS: Best resource I have to help you with this – Story Selling Tips!  Steal of a deal that’ll get you using your stories like a king or queen!

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