How to Get Away with Murder (Free Web Workshop)

The accused sat terrified in the prisoner’s box awaiting the magistrate’s verdict…

“Guilty as charged! Sentenced to hang by the neck until dead!”

The condemned was the town cobbler, who days earlier in a fit of blind rage had brutally bludgeoned one of his customers to death.

Normally a hanging was cause for celebration…

…But there was no cheering from the townspeople today.

One townsman, in fact, mustered some courage and stood up to address the court.

“If Your Honor pleases, you have sentenced to death the town cobbler!

“He’s the only one we’ve got. If you hang him, who will mend our shoes?”

Presently, the whole room came alive with chants for the cobbler’s release.

After restoring order in the court, the magistrate thought for a while, nodded in agreement, and overturned his own verdict.

“What you say is true”, he said.

“Since we have only one cobbler it would be a great wrong against the people to let him die. As there are two haberdashers in the town, let one of them be hanged instead!”

For entrepreneurs, the lesson is clear.

If you can position your business as desirably unique and indispensable to your clients, you can mess up a lot and still make out like a bandit.

And if you fail to create this all-
important perception, you’re going to
get killed.

That’s why I’m hosting a free training webinar later this week with Daniel Levis, creator of “Effortless Influence — How to Master the Art of The Sales Story”.

Daniel will be presenting a brand new module that teaches you how to use origin stories and killer case studies to separate your business from the competition — then eliminate them as an option.

Seating is limited. Register Now.
–> https://www.daniellevis.com/EI_white

Here’s just a small sampling of what we’ll be covering:

>>> How to demonstrate the value and
authenticity of your expertise through
story. This is the ultimate secret to
selling at premium prices and with
superior profit margins — ten times more
profitable than mere functional
advantage …

>>> Stealth Positioning — How to convey
iron-clad authority through accomplishment
without a hint of braggadocio or
boastfulness …

>>> How to craft a great origin story
that cements your credibility as a
seller and bonds you to your target
audience like crazy glue …

–> https://www.daniellevis.com/EI_white

>>> How to create a killer case study.
Discover 12 interview questions for
extracting amazing success stories
from your best customers… and the
secret narrative structure that almost
guarantees explosive, competition-
crushing case studies …

>>> How to disarm the defensive stockade
people put up against persuasion by
weaving the facts, features and
benefits that prove the superiority
of your offerings into the innocent
fabric of story …

>>> Plus more!

–> https://www.daniellevis.com/EI_white

This is going to be an amazing trainingsession and I’m not sure if it will be recorded. So make special arrangements to attend.

What Daniel is teaching here is transformational. You owe it to yourself to assume the catbird seat in your niche. Here is the secret.

–> https://www.daniellevis.com/EI_white

See you there!

Troy White

PS: I just returned from speaking at Darren Week’s Superconference in Edmonton.

Hundreds of passionate entrepreneurs there, soaking up every drop of information the speakers delivered.

2 of the Dragons Den Speakers were there as well (for those in the US, Dragons Den is the same as The Shark Tank).

Robert Herjavek and Arlene Dickinson both gave fantastic talks on their business success stories.

What stuck out to me was that both of them mentioned the incredible power that entrepreneurs have in their own personal story…

…yet rarely do they see the story being used in the pitches or in the marketing.

(btw – Robert is an EXCEPTIONAL story teller!)

The Dragons see hundreds of entrepreneurs pitch their products and services every year.

Few of the entrepreneurs use their story as their asset.

The Dragons see the story as one of the greatest assets available.

Which is exactly why I have put such an emphasis on the use of stories over the past few years…why I teach people how to use stories…and why I want you to listen in as Daniel shares his best strategies for creating YOUR signature story.

Don’t miss the call! https://www.daniellevis.com/EI_white

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