How Jim published 5 books in 5 years (and how you can too)

Becoming a published author is one of the best things you can do for positioning yourself as an authority and go-to expert. I saw an immediate bump when I published my first book back in 2004 (with some of the greats like Ted nicholas, Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, Joe Sugarman, Bob burg… to name just a few), and have personally helped 8 authors become best-sellers with properly done marketing campaigns.

My friend Jim Palmer cranks out books like most crank out excuses!

Jim has written five books in five years and that is one of the modules he is teaching at his upcoming Dream Business Academy!

Jim has built a highly successful and profitable business based in large part on his ability to create what he calls a Million Dollar Platform on a Shoestring Budget and being an author is one of the components in his million dollar platform.

…Just one of the things he’s going to be teaching at the Create Your Dream Business Now event.

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(not an affiliate link – I am a big believer in Jim’s teachings, and if I weren’t competing in a Martial Arts tournament the same weekend, I’d be there in this event!)

Make 2014 YOUR Year to Grow a More Profitable Business Faster!
Here’s a sneak peek at what else you’ll learn at Jim Palmer’s Create Your Dream Business Now Academy!

* How to Market and Grow a Profitable Business Even in a Crappy Economy

* Cracking the Code: How to Create a Million Dollar Multimedia Platform on a Shoe String Budget! In this never before seen jaw dropping presentation, Jim will reveal, teach, and ‘demonstrate before your eyes’ how he can do a video and podcast every week in addition to everything else he has going on. Do NOT miss this.

* Positioning: he will help you create your compelling character and teach you how to promote yourself and your business so prospects and customers are magnetically drawn to you

* Revealed: He’ll show The Secret to Creating a Ton of Content and Being Seen Everywhere

* His ‘Behind the scenes killer strategies on how to repurpose content over and over again without boring your community or getting slapped by Google (this session alone is worth the price of admission!)

* How to ‘Be Seen Everywhere’ and how to secretly ‘follow’ your prospects around until they buy!

* Real World Implementable Strategies for Getting More Done every week than most get done in a month

* Outsourcing and Team Building: Jim will teach a session on how outsourcing and team building can speed up your growth and he’ll also reveal a killer strategy that will have everyone on your team feeding you great business building ideas!

* How to Leverage and Synchronize Multiple Marketing Platforms

* How to become the author of multiple books! Jim is constantly getting asked a ton of questions on how he wrote five books in five years while running multiple businesses and in this session, he reveals everything! He’ll describe how he wrote each book quickly and without spending a boatload of money (the shoestring part)!!

* Retention Profits: Jim’ll teach you exactly, step by step, how he got my average client to stay three times as long, spend more money, and refer more. As a bonus: he will reveal the secret strategy that has some clients continue to pay him for… after they cancel!

* Best Resources: Every successful entrepreneur has a secret rolodex and in this fun session, Jim will reveal not only how he gets some much done, but how he does so without spending a fortune!

* The Secret to Creating Multiple Streams of Revenue selling programs and products that your customers and clients actually want! This will be a very personal look behind the curtain of his business and he’ll reveal how and why he sets up each revenue stream and how he runs them all without any employees and a team of virtual assistants.

* And Jim will also reveal what he calls his six ‘Big Drivers to Success.’

* And in another first, in a very candid and personal discussion, Jim’ll share why after four years of intensely hard work, following devastating unemployment and cancer, he decided to close his first multiple six figure business to pursue a different strategy. If you’re stuck in your current business model, this might be the ‘ice breaker’ you need to finally consider a different approach.

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Many entrepreneurs would like to include a coaching program to their business. And rightly so because done correctly, coaching can be a lucrative revenue stream. However, done incorrectly, it can be a nightmare!

So, Jim is also including a free bonus evening session for all attendees where he’ll reveal and teach you exactly how he created his lucrative virtual mastermind and coaching program. This will be another ‘pull back the curtain’ moment on his business, and once again, this session alone will be worth the entire trip!

If you’ve ever considered adding coaching to your portfolio, adding a lucrative new revenue stream to your main business, do not miss this free bonus evening session with Jim.

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(not an affiliate link – I am a big believer in Jim’s teachings, and if I weren’t competing in a Martial Arts tournament the same weekend, I’d be there in this event!)

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