Getting attention in marketing

I LOVE a great story to be used in marketing.

So do your clients and prospects.

A personal or outrageous story you tie to your business is a sure-fire way to get attention and sales.

Here is a video of a guy who sells…. maggot burgers!

And the publicity he has gotten from this is worth tens (probably hundreds) of thousands of dollars in sales (I am sure most people opt for something safer, like Elk Burgers, but he sells quite a few maggot burgers as well).

What I love about it most – each and every entrepreneur I know could find a way to make an outrageous product or service bundle.

You don’t have to sell maggot burgers to get the attention of the media, or your customers.

You just need to be different.

Here is a fantastic example of being different and reaping the rewards of the attention.
Maggot burger anyone?

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