Forrest Bump and the simple difference between success and failure

This will make all the difference…

It keeps the good marketers and copywriters
from entering legend­hood.

It’s the difference between just getting on base and
knocking one out of the park.

And it’s definitely not….

One of the latest tips and tricks or any other bright shiny
object cluttering your in­box on a daily basis.

Far from it!

TODAY at 4:15pm (EDT), I will be speaking
with Kenrick Cleveland, who is world renowned for his
skills and strategies for getting YESES from others.

https://maxpersuasion.com/Troy (replay available if you register)

Success in business and in sales is all about keeping it simple.

Forrest Gump simple!

So, if you want to Forrest Bump your sales…

Kenrick is revealing the secrets behind his M.G.S.
(Message Guidance System) Methodology that allows
you to target your messages directly to your customers’ hot
buttons each and every time…face to face…or in print.

This is a conversation not to be missed…

If your livelihood depends on selling your services, products
or ideas through communicating with others..

These are the real world skills that will give you the ability
to add some extra zeros onto your paycheck…
each and every month.

You want to register now by clicking the link below
even if you can not attend the event live…

…since only registered users will receive a link to
the replay.

===> Click HERE for all the Details (https://maxpersuasion.com/Troy)

Talk soon,


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