Flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants as a business strategy? (plus – scum bag alert)

Christmas has flown by – New Years is just hours away – and I’ve already shut down a scammer!noscumbags

Thankfully, a good friend and business associate noticed that some scum bag decided it was perfectly ok to steal my website, steal my copy, and sell my 2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar for his own personal gain!

Wish he was in Calgary where I live… but I had to resort to cyber beatings to get him shut down.

I did.

Paypal notified.
Webhost notified.
Cease and desist letter sent.

Voila – scum bag goes away… for now.

One of the challenges with the digital age is this happens more often than you’d know.

One of the advantages of the digital age is it’d easier than every to track them down and shut ‘em down.

My point: if you EVERY see the 2014 Cash Flow Calendar for sale by someone else that is not an affiliate or friend of mine – or at a discount – it’s an illegal copy.

THIS is the place to get your legitimate copy and marketing plan for 2014…

Not only that, I am getting geared up to make 2014 your best year ever with the 2014 Cash Flow Calendar at your side.

My friend, and fellow Canadian A-Level Copywriter, Daniel Levis said:

“I usually don’t promote products or programs at the $97
price point.

Firstly because most of them are downright awful and a
complete waste of time…

And second because you have to sell a shitload of them
to make any money.  Just not worth the time and effort.

This recommendation isn’t about the money.

It’s about helping you NOT HAVE TO WING IT next year!

And mostly because Troy’s 2014 Cash Flow Calendar,

It gets my highest recommendation.

Look, let me be frank.

Troy should be selling this FANTASTIC idea generating,
MASSIVE time saving marketing tool for a few hundred
dollars more than he is…

It’s THAT good. ”

My point?

One of the best in the business promoted the Calendar to his list, not because of the money it makes HIM… but for the money it makes THOSE WHO INVEST IN IT!

That’s a vote of confidence.

Get your 2014 Marketing Plan in place now and start building new income streams for the new year

Complete with solid, immediately usable marketing ideas…

…templates you can use to ease writers block

…more memorable promotions

…leveraging more stories (proven to sell 158% more than other forms of selling)

…and it’s less than $100!
(Daniel said himself I should be selling it for $297 or higher – you should grab it now – before I take his advice).

PLUS – a last-minute year end tax write-off.

I use it for my clients, for my different businesses, and for my promotional campaigns that run throughout the year.

Pretty simple and inexpensive investment for anyone SERIOUS about marketing more often, with better results this year!


PS: I am hosting a 2014 Kickoff Conference Call Monday January 6th for all 2014 Cash Flow Calendar owners.

Grab yours now and you will get the details for the action call at the end of this week.


2014 Cash Flow Marketing Calendar Plan

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