FLASH SALE and 274 days of moola-making marketing

April is almost here and I hope you’re on track for the most amazing year yet.

You may have seen this last week…

…I am hosting an awesome $20 sale right now on my Lead generating ad bundle through this

It gets you the Display Ad dominance course for your lead generation and conversion tools.  Templates, tutorials, and a whole bunch of fantastic swipe ideas for you.

Plus 2.5 hours of training by the incredible Bob Burg on marketing through referrals.


I’m sweetening the pot if you’re up for it…

50% off the 2018 Cash Flow Calendar (sells for $97 regular) plus the lead bundle for just $70 combined!

274 MORE days in 2018 of moola-making marketing that grabs their attention in all the clutter, and makes YOU the one they want to buy from.

GRAB ONE OR BOTH before it’s gone again…

Offers are good until March 31st then the prices go back up on the calendar and the display ads program gets pulled from the market


… you need a steady stream of leads and tools for closing the sale,
and for less than the price of a fast food dinner for 2, you get some
amazing templates to build your business and bank account.

Have a great week.


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